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Self Care Is An Actual Thing

Self-care is something that I think everyone should try out. It may seem like another trend going around, or only “young” people do it, but self-care is something that everyone should incorporate into their daily lives. According to verywellmind, their definition of self-care located on their website states, “Self-care describes a conscious act one takes…

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Salad Can Be Satisfying

I never used to eat salad because I don’t like lettuce. I don’t like butter, iceberg or romaine, the typical bases of salads. However, I recently discovered arugula and this changed the game or me. Finding a leafy green that you enjoy is the first step to enjoying salad. This could be lettuce, arugula, spinach…

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What Are Chia Seeds?

When you were a kid, you probably had a chia pet, knew someone with a chia pet or saw a commercial about them. Now, people are eating them! Not eating chia pets, but chia seeds. But what even are chia seeds? Chia seeds have flooded the health and wellness space. Chia seeds are one of…

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