Self Care Is An Actual Thing

Self-care is something that I think everyone should try out. It may seem like another trend going around, or only “young” people do it, but self-care is something that everyone should incorporate into their daily lives.

According to verywellmind, their definition of self-care located on their website states, “Self-care describes a conscious act one takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health.”

Now self-care doesn’t have to be a specific action. It can be anything from making sure that you are getting enough sleep to making sure that you are in a good mental state for whatever activity you are doing.

Trust me when I say I didn’t think it was an actual thing either especially when going on social media and seeing this pop up frequently. It was something that I thought everyone was joining in on so they could have social media content to put up, but self-care is so critical I can’t stress it enough.

As you all know, we are in some challenging times, and everyone in the world right now is having challenges and trying times of their own. 

This year has proved to us that anything in the world can happen, affecting us mentally, socially, physically, and more. Trying to take your life day by day with what’s going on can be stressful, and adding more stress to what you already may think is a stressful life or day is not the way anyone should be living.

This is why self-care is essential to incorporate into your day-to-day schedule and good for your mental health. Just by stopping in the middle of your day and asking yourself things like,

“How am I doing today?” “Have I taken a break today?” “Hows my attitude today?” “Hows my mental health today?” “Where is my mind today?”

Just asking yourself these types of questions, you are initiating your self-care, one step in the right direction for you and your health.

Ways that I initiated my self care was:

  • Taking time out for myself
  • Finding my happy place
  • Mediation
  • Cooking
  • Relax my mind; didn’t overwork myself

There are many forms of self-care and didn’t ways to take care of those forms.

  • Physically: by doing some physical activity like working out etc. 
  • Emotionally: talking to family, friends, or whomever when you have an issue or something on your mind.
  • Socially: hanging with friends that make you smile and just getting out to socialize.
  • Mentally: this is doing something that keeps you mentally healthy and keeps up your mental health. 
  • Spiritually: if your religion could take part in this, or this could be just accessing your spirit and what energies you and your body feel or even giving off. 

Whether you’re honing in on these five forms or just having a nice bubble bath and good read every week after your day, having some self-care plan for yourself can benefit your overall health. 
Times are crazy nowadays, and many people are dealing with all types of challenges and stress. You’re not alone. Take some time out and give yourself self-care time. You won’t regret it in the end.

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