Watcher: The YouTube Channel

Watcher… What is it?

Watcher is an entertainment company that’s on YouTube that started earlier in 2020. They talk about many different topics like travel, history, horror, and many others. Some of the shows they have are called “Puppet History,” Its Too Many Spirits,” “Watcher Weekly,” Weird and/or Wonderful World,” (This one has been put on hold because of COVID 19) and many others.

The Creators

The creators of this show come from another entertainment company, Buzzfeed. That would be, Steven Lim, Shane Madej, and Ryan Bergara. Madej and Bergara worked on a Buzzfeed Unsolved for a good while, almost a decade, of years before the left Buzzfeed and stared their own entertainment company. The guys knew they would never again make another video without each other, so starting a company was the only thing they could do to continue creating videos!

Will You Watch

So, looking for a new YouTube channel to watch? One with some spooky, story, funny history, and good old fashion fun, I defiantly recommend you watch this one!

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