On This Day in History, July 19

In 1817, Georg Anton Schäffer of the Russian-American Company finally departs Kauai after his efforts to seize the Kingdom of Hawaii for the Russian Empire ultimately fails. The Kingdom would continue to last until near the end of the century, when American business interests would force the abdication of the Hawaiian monarch.

In 1947, assassinations occur in two Asian nations. In Myanmar (also called Burma), Bogyoke Aung San and eight other members of the provisional government, established to rule the nation once the British have fully withdrawn, are assassinated within a government building. In Seoul, Lyuh Woon-hyung, or Yo Un-hyung, was assassinated in the streets. He was well known and regarded in Korea due to his desire for reunification.

In 1997, the Provisional Irish Republican Army ended their 25-year paramilitary campaign by ceasefire in Northern Ireland as part of an effort to end British rule. This agreement would help bring the Troubles, a generational period of conflict in North Ireland, to an end the follow year.

A Notable Birth

1814 – Samuel Colt (d. 1862) was an American inventor and businessman responsible for the creation of the ‘six-shooter’ revolver and founded the Colt’s Manufacturing Company, a weapons manufacturer that is still in operation.

A Notable Death

1965 – Syngman Rhee (b. 1875) was a Korean journalist and politician, who served as the sole President of the Korean Provisional Government before the nation split into the present nations. He would become the first President of South Korea.

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