10 Tips to Enjoy Your Next Beach Getaway Safely

Are you craving a beach getaway? Are the coronavirus statics preventing you from putting a plan into action though? Staying healthy should always be your top priority. Although getting away from the house and getting some vitamin D would be beneficial to your mental and physical health.

You can’t deny that all negative emotions quickly disappear when you are near the ocean. You deserve to get some fresh air.  Worry about breathing in germs, though? 

Melissa Bronstein, Director of Infection Prevention and Control for Rochester Regional Health, states  “When given the opportunity, choosing to be outside among other people is safer than being inside. In the open air, coronavirus particles disperse more quickly than they do inside.”

My family and I recently went to Destin, FL. We stayed at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Although the beach was very populated, we could still practice social distancing properly. The resort faces the beach and has a private section of the beach.

This is a view of the private beach from the kitchen window of a condo on six floor of the resort

By the picture, it seems like social distancing is not happening. The layout of umbrellas and chairs appears to not follow the 6 feet part requirement, but it really is. Many don’t really realize how spacious most beaches are.

There is plenty of space for many families or friend groups to spread out comfortably. It just depends on which resort or hotel you choose. If you prefer relaxing in less populated beach areas,  check out which resorts/hotels have private beaches before booking. 

You can have fun in the sun and still continue being cautiously safe by considering these few tips:

  • You might have to wear masks/face shields in the elevators or inside of your resort, so always have one in your beach bag or pocket. 

  • Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer, especially after pressing elevator buttons.

  • Even though there is no evidence that the virus can be spread to people through the water in pools, water play areas, or hot tubs,  refrain from swimming in crowded pools.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and appreciate the umbrella shade. Don’t wreck your immune system. Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, and fever. I suffered from bad dehydration one day on the trip. It took twenty-four hours for me to feel absolutely better.

  • Make sure that each person has his or her own beach chair and towel.

  • If you are disabled and have to use a beach wheelchair, make sure somebody wipes down the seat, armrests, and handlers properly.
The beach wheelchair is at the Hilton Resort next door. Only certain resorts have beach wheelchairs, so make sure you check if your chosen resort has one before planning a beach day.

  • Don’t leave personal wheelchairs in crowded areas. Make sure you cover the seat and shut the power off so nobody can mess with it.   

  • Don’t let your children share beach toys or water floats with other visitors.

  • Keep track of which drink is for each person by having different colored cups or labeling each cup.

  • Access to ice machines and room service might be unavailable, so don’t forget to buy ice and snacks.

Even though it seems so much to remember, there are many pros to deciding to enjoy the sand between toes such as having new tropical adventures with loved ones.  Take a beach vacay before summer goes away!

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