Big Brother 22 Episode 2 Spoilers

Janelle rocking some nice shoes

In my opinion, the key component to winning Big Brother is having a great alliance. An alliance could be any number of people with the intention of going far and ultimately winning the game.

Well in this episode we see a lot of people forming alliances. Question is – is it real or fake? Time will tell. Let me give you my opinion on each one.

Cody is Head of Household, meaning he holds most of the power this week and will nominate two people to go home.

We see Cody talk to many people, which is custom, when you hold the power. He talked to Nicole F. and they both said they would be ride or die partners. They worked together in a past Big Brother season. I think this is real. Cody in past seasons has proven to be extremely loyal to those he says those words to – remember legend Derrick needed Cody to win.

We see two Big Brother fan favorites, Janelle and Kaysar talking too. That is no big surprise because they both took part in Big Brother in the early days and most likely will be the two people targeted from early. Why? Both are viewed as likable with great social games that could take them far. Also time has proven my girl Janelle as a beast when it comes to physical challenges. I think this alliance is real.

Kaysar and Janelle were the only two that took part in the Safety Suite twist. Kaysar won and Cody cannot nominate Kaysar for elimination. Kaysar, can save another person from elimination, and he saved Janelle. Go team Jankay, go!

Working on the team name.

So which alliance is fake? I got a few guesses:

  • Cody and Tyler – I think Cody will betray Tyler
  • Nicole F and Danielle – I think they are feeling each other out and will backstab each other later
  • Nicole F and Da’Vonne – Da’Vonne was burned by Nicole in a past season. Nicole said she would help Da’Vonne this time around but I think both girls will betray the other
  • Cody and Memphis – I think this alliance has potential. They may backstab each other later but they both have proven to be loyal players. Cody seems more loyal to Nicole F right now.

Cody nominated, Keesha and Kevin.

Similar to Survivor, this Big Brother season could be old players vs. new players. The new players may take this. (I’m actually rooting for the old ones though.)

Let’s see if I am right. Please join me in making predictions. I am so curious about your ideas.

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next Big Brother blog post!

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