Gris: Why You Should Play It.

Gris is by far one of the most beautiful and bittersweet games I have ever played.

Today we will be looking into three reasons why you should play it too.

Reason One, The Artstyle: visually, Gris is absolutely breathtaking in almost everything it does. You could take just about any screenshot of the game and it would make a great desktop background. I have a folder of all my screenshots from Gris on slideshow as my laptop background, I love the visuals for this game that much. The image layout is spectacular as well, how they use scale is exemplary. There are over a handful of images that you could take from Gris and even without context they convey the bittersweet pain of progress and recovery. How they use color throughout the game is also something of significant note. As you progress in the game you continue to unlock different colors that you can see, each color used to represent new things in the emotional journey of Gris. 

(side note: I absolutely love the stone women scattered throughout the game, I think they’re really beautiful and moving. They’re just, I don’t know something about them makes my heart clench. Maybe it’s worldbuilding, maybe it’s to indicate that these places have been left uncared for, for who knows how long. Maybe it’s a visual representation of how like these beautiful stone women we’re all a little broken. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that it makes me think and it makes me feel.)

Reason Two, The Soundtrack: the soundtrack to Gris is phenomenal and helps cement the player’s immersion in the world and story. It plays a great hand in conveying the emotion of the game, the soundtrack paired with the visuals as well as the story just work so well together in conveying the emotional weight of Gris. 

Plus the music helps convey that bittersweet pain of progress and recovery I mentioned earlier. I don’t have as much to say about the music, but know that I absolutely adore the soundtrack to Gris. 

Reason Three, The Story: without going into too much detail (we don’t really have that much to begin with, as it is left ambiguous) Gris is about a young woman who has recently gone through some kind of loss or traumatic event. The game goes through her experience growing and recovering from that and does a great job in visually letting us know that progress. Throughout the game you unlock more color, as you start in a world of grey. As you unlock color you also unlock abilities with your dress, things like the ability to become heavy so you don’t get blown away by the wind and fish-like abilities so you can swim. Each of these represent Gris growing as a person and being able to handle the things happening around her, they’re essentially coping mechanisms that help her work through her trauma. I think that is a very inventive story telling mechanic. 

So yeah, that’s why I think you should play Gris. I’ll leave it at that I guess. Have a nice day.

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