New Music Friday: Who Dropped What? (Rap/Hip Hop/R&B/Rock)

Griselda Records has been having an extremely fruitful 2020; between Westside Gunn releasing both Pray for Paris and Flygod Is An Awesome God 2, Benny The Bucther collaborating with DJ Drama on Da Respected Sopranos, Boldy James releasing The Price of Tea in China, Manger on McNichols and The Versace Tape, and Conway The Machine releasing LULU and No One Mourns The Wicked, there has been no shortage of music material put out by Griselda this year. Conway and Benny have decided to add to the already highly impressive 2020 that Griselda is having, as the two artists have released a new album and song today, respectivley.

Check out the details regarding Conway The Machine’s new album and Benny The Butcher’s new song, as well as other new releases, below:

New Albums

Conway The Machine – From A King To A GOD

Releasing his third project of the year, Buffalo based rapper Conway The Machine is back with more raw rhymes over a litany of different production styles. With strong features from Griselda signees Armani Caesar, Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn, as well as from hip hop icons like Method Man, Freddie Gibbs and Havoc, the album has no shortage of strong bars from both Conway and his features. The old school hip hop approach blended with modern production techniques has been the stylistic bread and butter of most Griselda rappers, and it is clear to hear as Conway effortlessly flows over the production throughout the album. From A King To A GOD is yet another strong Griselda album that highlights one of the strongest years of hip hop from an independent record label.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Top

The Louisiana based rapper, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, otherwise known as NBA YoungBoy, is here with his second studio album, and his first studio album since 2018. YoungBoy’s rapping and singing style is certainly nothing new, and his use of auto tune has been used time and time again by similar artists. Even the cover art of the album is eerily similar to that of Roddy Ricch’s 2019 debut album. However, with just two features from Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, YoungBoy is betting on himself and his own abilities to make a lasting album. Whether or not fans across hip hop will be receptive to the album remains to be seen.

New Songs

Trippie Redd, Busta Rhymes – “I Got You”

Although an unlikely collaboration between Trippie and Busta, the two stylistically different artists actually play well off of one another. Trippie’s melodic and vocal approach highly contrasts Busta’s fast paced lyrical barrage, offering two distinct styles of rapping that both work for different reasons. The result is a stimulating song along with a playful and fun music video that provides for both musical and visual entertainment. The song is a surprising success, as both Busta and Trippie use their strengths to highlight both themselves and one another.

Benny The Butcher, 38 Spesh – “Stash Box”

Produced by 38 Spesh, this track offers a different style of production than Benny usually raps over, but the Buffalo native is able to adapt with ease and still spit raw bars despite the difference in production. His slow, deliberate flow effortlessly glides over the production, as the more melodic beat keeps the song driving and musically engaging. Benny’s raw lyrics and undying intensity are evident throughout the song, and add a layer of grit to an otherwise melodically uplifting song.

T.I., Young Thug – “Ring”

Although the two Atlanta natives are different stylistically, their collaboration sees the two complimenting each other’s strengths beautifully. T.I.’s deeper, more raw lyrical delivery contrasts greatly with Thug’s high pitched, melodic approach that allows for two different styles to be present throughout the track. The upbeat, heavy production plays to the strengths of both artists, as both embed their own energy into the natural energy that exists on the track due to the production. This collaboration between the two Atlanta natives is fun and full of life, as both rappers highlight their strengths on the track.

Spillage Village – “BAPTIZE”

Spillage Village, the Atlanta based rap supergroup featuring the likes of JID, Earthgang, 6lack and others, dropped their lead single from their new album last night, “BAPTIZE.” The song, which features Earthgang and JID, is a slower song, which allows the rappers to lean into their flow and place weight on each and every lyric. The visuals are engaging and somewhat mystical, as the rappers let their natural charisma ooze throughout the song and the video. The single certainly shows how talented the group can be, and will undoubtedly continue to raise the anticipation of the group’s next album.

Ludacris, Chance The Rapper – “I Found You”

Another unlikely collaboration, the stylistic differences between Ludacris and Chance The Rapper are again vast, and their differences once again allows for different stylistic approaches that highlight the strengths of the respective artists. While Ludacris favors a fast paced, lyrically driven approach, Chance prefers a more melodic and musical approach to his rap style. Together, the two provide two different styles of rap that both work and greatly contrast one another. The tender production allows for both styles to play off of one another beautifully.

Zay Blaze – “Invisible Ink”

Although unknown, Zay Blaze’s latest single shows his undeniable talent and infectious charisma, as well as his musical understanding. His melodic lyrics are catchy and playful, while his flow is precise and clean. The video offers a punch of humor and emotion, and highlights his ability as a performer more than just a rapper. There is natural talent and potential that pours out of Blaze, and it is evident through his newest song and video.

Bruce Springsteen – “Letter To You”

Perhaps the most surprising entry, it is always a treat when classic rock legend Bruce Springsteen blesses the world with new music. The Boss has kept busy with music throughout his life, and released his twentieth studio album, Western Stars, last year. The song is upbeat and vibrant, and contains a unique energy that only Springsteen is capable of bringing to music. The musical depth experienced on just this song is amazing, as Springsteen uses contrast in dynamics and instrumentation to add different layers of musicality to the song. “Letter To You” is just another reminder that the best artists never lose their musical touch as they age, as Springsteen has demonstrated time and time again.

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