First Day of FALL-ing in Love!

By Tolanda Monique posted September 22, 2020

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It is the first day of Fall, which means cooler weather, shorter days, longer nights, and air conditioning converting to heat. Single people dread the Fall season, and couples are a thrill. Some people hate the cold, and others adore the 60-degree weather and below.

As the leaves will eventually change their colors and Fall, the breeze and the scent of burning wood permeate through the air. Families gather in their backyards to camp out and make s’ mores or many date nights with a couch, warm, thick blanket, and rom-coms commence. Sound fun and pleasing. Now you can wear the blowouts that the humidity would not ruin. Let that gorgeous hair hang and make it last longer than four days.

Check the sales online and in stores because although Summer clothes are on the clearance, there should be winter ones on the racks. Time to bring out the boots that either cover the ankle or thighs. The tights under the skirts because 90’s style will forever flourish. The printed scarfs with the matching hats are ready to wear. Is it too soon for all that? The mornings and nights are freezing, and the midday is still slightly warm, but everyone is not the same. Go for it, grab the guy, be by your lonely and feel and look your best. Happy Fall!

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I had a passion for writing since age twelve. I write poetry, and movies. I am currently in school getting my Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Hopefully to be a successful screen writer and author one day. I have plenty of books already unpublished and one poetry book published on amazon, “The Way I Express.”

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  1. What a lovely article. I love the Autumn. You capture it well with your words. The feeling of comfort and warmth against the elements. Family time…Aww, even though we are all about to be locked down because of covid19 I’m looking forward to the coming dark months and the festive season!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. I hate the cold, but the scenery and activities with loved ones make up for it. Despite the pandemic, the bright colors on the trees and beautiful sunsets should lift anyone spirits.

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