4 Apps to Keep You Busy

Many of you have been cooped up at home trying to think of more interesting things to do at home. Now that the pandemic is still happening many of you are craving the outdoors, though still some of us are getting back to work, school, or do not have jobs at all, its still terrifying to go that extra step and go out and do the things we use to do. It can get lonely and all the activities you have been doing feel repetitive and boring now.
However, social media has been rising more than ever to create games for your leisure time that are fun and interactive. Other than the usual Tik Tok platform I have the top 4 grossing games that will keep you busy and obsessed while at home.

  1. Dancing Line
    Dancing Line is an app developed by the Cheetah Technology Corporation. The rate for the game is 4.6 out of 5. Dancing Line is a fast-paced game where they use specific soundtracks that are melodic and pleasing to the ear. The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles and tricks while playing to the beat of the music. The game design is aesthetically pleasing, and it takes you to new worlds and adventures along with the song they have carefully chosen. Many of the stages that are represent different locations are: The Savannah, The Desert, The Mountains, The Maze, The Sailor’s Tale. If you are more interested in seasonal themed songs, they have The Halloween, The Valentines and The Christmas Party and The Christmas Eve. Some levels have amazing scenery such as The Chinese Garden, The Samurai, The Amusement Park, The Video Game, The Football and more.

2. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Many people have been extremely interested in Harry Potter since the new game of Harry Potter Legacy Gameplay will be released soon for PS5. However, if you have an iPhone or Android the app game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, developed by Jam City, Inc the rating for the game is 4.7 out of 5 stars. The goal of the game is that you create a character that will be attending Hogwarts, the reason it is a mystery game is because different uncertainties happen at the school and you need to figure out who is behind them and save the school. You make friends, have battles, go to classes, and learn spells. You can have different outfits and pets. It is a game of journey and finding clues while you are teleported into this Hogwarts Wizarding world experience.

3. Among Us
This game has just come out recently. The developer is Inner Sloth LLC and the rating. Many refer to it as the new version of Clue, where there are impostors in your group of space cadets, and you must gather clues to find evidence of who they are. The Impostors of the game are supposed to kill their crew mates and sabotage the ship without being found out by the others. They use vents to get around from room to room in the spaceship. If discovered the crew mates will put it to a vote and you will be kicked out of the spaceship meaning the crew mates win the game. If you are a crew mate your job is to do several space related tasks, they are simple and easy to figure out. When going around the spaceship your job is to figure out who is the murderer, if someone is acting suspicious or if you see them going in a vent or committing a murder you have the option to call an emergency meeting and discuss. However, some people can manipulate the game, you do not know who you can trust. But it is all part of the fun in this mysterious game of who done it.

4. Beat Blade: Dash Dance
This game is rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars. This game is a VR game but now it is in the App Store. You become ninja, your goal is to slice the squares that indicate up, down,left,or right. There are so many popular songs to choose from that are from every genre.

Go to the App Store and give these games a try. These days of letting time pass you by are over, get excited and engaged with these new games and make your day a little more exciting.

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