Raise your voice against the rape culture in Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh has been waking up to new rape cases every day lately. It is assumed that at least 13 female gets raped daily and more than a thousand females has been raped in the past few months. The most horrifying part about this is that most rape cases remain unreported and these statistics are about only the reported cases.

Women in this country aren’t safe anywhere with anyone. These rape cases don’t only involve women but small children as well. When people started talking about this on various social platforms and activists started raising their voices, we found innumerable people stating facts about rape that certainly justifies rape and blurs out the concept of consent. Some people even agreed to a person suggesting that the female genitalia should be mutilated because the only purpose of it is to give birth to offspring. There has been pretty strong sexist statements by extremists as well which are supported by the mass population in the worst way possible.

Here’s some common points that’s been presented by the mass population about the increasing rape case and why it’s wrong-

  1. She must’ve dressed provocatively: There is no kind of attire that can be labelled as provocative. Because even if a women is not as covered, that does not invite rape. A piece of clothing can’t speak for a women’s body itself. Consent can only be counted when the person said yes. Not coerced yes, being emotionally blackmail into agreeing or forced yes. Genuine and mutual agreement is what consent is about. The concept of consent remains unclear to children from a very young age in some cases due to not giving enough importance to children’s disagreements sometimes. Now, even though you cannot say yes to your child all the time because they need to hear no sometimes too. But when a child disagrees to do something, doesn’t get along with a person or throws tantrum to participate or go somewhere, listen to them. Don’t force them into anything or violate their privacy. If children are taught the concept
  2. They started following the western world: If women empowerment and wanting to enjoy a person’s life seems like it’s the outcome of following some different culture then I couldn’t disagree enough. Change is inevitable and a country can’t move forward when only one part of it has the chance to flourish without having to think about getting raped every hour of the day. Men get raped too but the percentage is low.
  3. Women should start following by the religious norms: A person’s belief can’t fix a whole social situation. As long as a person is not directly insulting another person’s believes or they have a different believe system, they don’t deserve to be bashed for their belief system. Before seeing someone as a person from a different religion, its high time everyone starts respecting each other as a human being and establish secularism.
  4. She shouldn’t have stayed out late: A person might have crucial emergencies for which she might have to get out of the house. How about stop letting other people make a time of the day so unsafe and scary.

Some people are too busy to justify rape without even realizing it because that’s how the ingrained patriarchy works. People have the right to know about what’s going on around this part if the world so we all can make earth a better place to live.

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