The Astrology of Donald Trump

An analysis of a person’s natal chart is one of the most time-tested ways to catch an in-depth look into their personality, and stands at the core of astrology itself. As it turns out, Donald Trump’s astrology is highly apparent and explains many things about him, as well as the way others react to him. In this article, I will attempt to portray a layman’s view of the working parts of the planets operating within Donald Trump’s orbit.

Donald Trump
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There are many parts of astrology. I mean, a lot. But, for our purposes, I’ll be utilizing “aspects.” This is the real meat of Heavenly bestowed knowledge. To be direct, “aspects” in astrology are the geometric angles between astral bodies, and the most important of those bodies in astrology are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the mathematically calculated point of the ascendant. Their importance varies for a myriad of reasons, and suffice to say, I will tell you what might be good to pay attention to. But it is the relationships between these “planets,” that tell the real story.

Each “planet,” which has been referred to in quotes until now, is because the Sun, Moon, Pluto, and the ascendant are not actually planets, astronomically speaking. But they are things which exude a certain influence astrologically, and are more easily cited in such parlance. Hence, we say planets.

Math. Lots of Math.

galaxy digital wallpaper
Astrological Things
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Each planet has a kind of history and characterization that is known as an “archetype.” This explains how the planets behave and in what way they rule over certain realms of our lives. If you know anything about the mythology of the Greco-Roman gods, you already have a very good idea of how these archetypes play out as the ancient myths are closely connected to the meaning of the astrological planets.

For instance, Mars is the warrior and the soldier. He is decidedly masculine in his energy. He represents the way we do things, he is our aggression, and he is our initiative and impulse. Regardless of what gender we are, the energy remains the same. It is present within all things. So, wherever Mars shows up in our birth charts indicates how we accomplish our activities. And, if he is connected by negative angles to planets which are naturally hostile to him, then we will experience these difficulties in life.

Another example is Venus. She is what we attract in our lives. She rules over what we like, money, beauty, adoration and physical lust. Imagine the most gorgeous, rich, wise, and lazy woman you can muster, and you have Venus. Where she falls in our birth chart, things naturally come to us. And in the case that another planet which is hostile to her is connected by a hard angle, it shows difficulty we have in attracting certain things, or that we attract negative things.

The Celestial Hands

Zodiac Signs
It’s Leo’clock
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To an experienced astrologer, the meddling fingers of Fate often point to both obvious and subtle situations and personality traits. This is certainly true for Donald Trump. But, I will only be covering major aspects for him in this article. So, for those who are less familiar with astrology, there is more than I actually mention, as our natal charts, like our personalities, are a complicated matter.

First, and most importantly in my view, is Mars Rising. This means the planet Mars was rising in the East the moment of Donald Trump’s birth, making it sit directly on what we refer to as “the ascendant.” The ascendant represents how others view us, and specifically rules over our primal nature. Mars Rising gives him his trade mark aggressiveness. He does not apologize, he handles himself with a manner of machismo, and most assuredly comes across as antagonistic to those around him. He shoots from the hip, he often acts first and thinks later, and dives in head first with whatever he does. In my opinion, this is one of the largest factors that plays into why certain people do not like him. It makes him very polarizing, with some admiring his assertiveness, while others are completely turned off to the point of hatred.

Secondly, is Sun trine Jupiter. This means there is a 120 degree angle between the Sun and Jupiter at the moment of his birth. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, The Astrology of the 2020 Election, Jupiter is an amplifier, and whatever he touches blows up like a 19 year old’s cell phone. The Sun in our charts is our ego, and our authentic selves. Some would say it is the representation of our soul. So, when there is a contact between these two, you generally get someone with a rather grandiose opinion of themselves. This is a classic bombastic aspect. Much of Trump’s exaggerated nature and luck can be attributed to this formation. It is a fortunate placement, as it endows him with a constantly positive outlook which allows him to spin anything to his favor. He genuinely sees the world as continually getting better.

Planetary Energies

Probably Mars
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Third, is Sun conjunct Uranus. As I said, the Sun in our birth charts represents our ego. But, Uranus is the liberator, the mover and shaker, Prometheus, the eccentric. He is sideways, in more ways than one, and when you put the Sun and Uranus together in the same place (called “conjunct”), you can have a rather disturbing individual. These are the types that like pushing your buttons, they like getting on your nerves, and they try to intentionally do what others don’t want them to. They revel in breaking rules, upsetting the status quo, and every now and then, they can flash a stroke of genius or two.

Next, is Venus conjunct Saturn. This placement is a double-edged sword. Having Venus and Saturn together (conjunct) can be a blessing and a curse. Again, in a previous article, I mentioned Saturn as one who brings restriction and structure, delays and authority. And because Venus attracts things, these two attract structure into Donald Trump’s life. There is more than meets the eye here, though. Saturn causes delays, yes, but he also gives endurance. And this is something Trump has had in spades. He has been able to stay in the public eye for decades, maintaining his status in one way or another. He has attracted authority to himself again and again. As a billionaire real estate mogul, and now as president, one can’t deny he has authority. And with this placement, he is not so easily knocked off his pedestal.

Then there is Venus square Jupiter. As some of you numerical folk might already know, a square is a 90 degree angle, and with it brings friction to the astrological world. Squares are considered “hard” aspects, something that makes difficulties happen in our lives. And as Venus attracts, and Jupiter expands, this is the marker of someone with large appetites. He’s big money, big daddy, more, more, more. We often see this aspect in someone who spends like it’s going out of style, orders more from the menu than they can eat, and generally thinks an SUV isn’t quite enough.

An Unlucky Star

I’m kind of a big deal.
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I would also like to mention Mercury square Neptune. This aspect is a particularly difficult one to have. Mercury, as the messenger god, rules over all our communications. He is also logic, thinking and short term travel. But Neptune, he’s the god of the sea. The sea is deep and dangerous, unfathomably large, mysterious, easy to get lost in, permeable, dissolved and malleable, and confusing. So, with a square aspect, these two planets aren’t getting along very well. Mercury wants to put things in a box, but Neptune wants to seep through the box like mist. For Neptune, there are no boxes, and this makes Trump’s thinking different from other people’s. It means that reality is skewed in some way. Understand, this is not intentional, it is a natural effect of the aspect. Reality itself is tinted with rose colored glasses.

And lastly, there is Sun opposite Moon. The Moon is our feelings, our underworld, our deep psyche. With an opposition of 180 degrees, things are in a swing-state. Fluctuation between the egotistical Sun and the emotional Moon is the norm. This is another aspect which lends itself to confrontation and competition. Some part of the authentic self is at odds with the emotions. It is not for the astrologer to say what, merely to say that it is present. But this is often visible in Donald Trump’s behavior. And like all hard aspects, the opposition creates dynamism and an opportunity for growth and change by putting challenges in our way. Life presents us with certain obstacles, and we must overcome them.

My hope is that this article gives a more intimate view of Donald Trump. Whether you love or hate him, like all of us, he is a human with human flaws. Many of you may share the same personality traits as he, as well as the same natal astrological aspects. And all astrological aspects work similarly to a fractal; the same, yet different. Each one capable of manifesting in an infinite multitude of ways, but always within the same framework and connected themes.

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