Things to do in the Fall during “COVID Times”.

Things have obviously changed since Coronavirus i.e. COVID-19, in everyone’s lives. In the beginning it was hard to go shopping for essentials, from hand sanitizer, masks, or even toilet paper. People had to put the important aspects of their lives on hold, every normal thing has been changed in someway because of COVID-19. Life doesn’t stop because human beings have to move, they have to maintain themselves, and go forward with their lives. That’s understandable but COVID still hasn’t gone away, precautions still need to be followed. I’m not one of the people who’s dying to go back to normal activities, I had COVID-19 and it was terrifying. I have anxiety when I go out in general but with COVID-19 my anxiety is ramped up to the max.

But from I’ve noticed from all my friends Instagram feeds, everyone’s just going back to normal. Some of the activities they’ve indulged in would probably have me hyperventilating in the corner of the room till I pass out. Other activities I can totally see myself doing since they are in spacious places and don’t require that much interaction. So here are some ideas to do in the fall during these “COVID Times.”

  • Wear a face mask PROPERLY when you are outside and around people. ALSO six feet apart as in practice SOCIAL DISTANCING. Seriously its not a political statement and consider the people around you. All those protests about getting rid of the COVID restrictions in the different states were very privileged since those protests got to protest. The restrictions are meant to help lower cases and lower the spread of COVID-19.

    You have to be living under a rock to not notice all the social media content around voting/voting early and registering to vote or the news around it. Go vote for Biden-Harris 2020! Early polls show that Biden is ahead of Trump but that doesn’t mean to not go vote. That’s what everyone thought with Hillary Clinton and look where the U.S.A. is now four years later. So go register to vote if you haven’t already, go vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before or on November 3rd at your registered polling site.
    Let’s get rid of that orange reign of terror i.e. Trump. He’s done so much damage to people of different cultures, promoted racism and misogyny, condoned violence, continues to attempt to get rid of basic human rights/civil rights, defund healthcare and DACA, and thinks he is above the law. Let’s also not forgot how poorly he and the administration handled COVID-19, seriously people died and cases continue to rise. If I were to list every atrocity Trump did in this article, this article would be WAY TO LONG. So lets get rid of Trump and Pence and get two competent people in office again as in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! They have political experience, can say a complete sentences, and actually listen to medical data not go to rallies and spread COVID like Trump and Pence.
  • Pumpkin Picking/Apple Picking! Now this is something I’ve noticed a lot people on my feed doing and there is a lot of space between them but most of all everyone is enjoying themselves. I understand you can’t be cooped up at home all day so this could be one of the safe things to go out and do with some family, friends, or significant other.

  • If you are going out and shopping at some point, take advantage of the seasonal treats offered from the shops. I’m talking take advantage of all the pumpkin spice flavored items, from the lattes to the donuts/cookies or cheesecakes. Buy the pastries or make them! (If you can make them) I’m late to the game I know but my partner showed me some seasonal treats that I truly regret not taking advantage of till now. All I ever had was pumpkin pie, never taking advantage of the pumpkin spice cookies or donuts from pastries places.

  • If you are one of the people who are quarantined or just like staying home. Start a book list and read those books. I recommend reading psychological thrillers/mystery books. Here’s my list of authors,
    • Ruth Ware
    • Gillian Flynn
    • Agatha Christie
    • Paula Hawkins
    • A.J. Finn

If those don’t float your boat, read some books that have become shows or movies, those are usually pretty good. If you aren’t a book person and are more into manga, read “Webtoons” this app gives a variety of content and creators work really hard on the material.

Its a restricted fall season but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it reasonably. We have to follow the regulations that have been to put in our states so we can get through these hard times. So while you are out there, either voting, pumpkin/apple picking, having a picnic or walk in the park, in this fall weather wear a face mask properly! Social Distancing for the win! Its getting chilly and harder to determine if you have a cold or could have COVID. You don’t want to deal with that paranoia even if you’ve had it or not. Be smart and safe! Don’t forget to vote!

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