Jezzy’s Disses 50 Cent and Freddie Gibs on new Track

Ahead of the release of Jeezy’s new album, The Recession 2, the veteran Georgia rhymer has delivered a new track, on which he name-drops a couple of his peers including an MC that he’s had a long-standing feud with.

On Wednesday (Nov. 18), the Snowman released “Therapy for My Soul,” which is the first single from the offering that’s slated to arrive on Friday (Nov. 20). Jeezy uses the track as a therapy session and vents about several issues that he’s faced throughout his rap career, including his tension with Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs signed to Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) record label back in 2011, but the two parted ways the following year. Jeezy also mentions 50 Cent on the song.

Freddie Gibbs in Los Angeles in December.

“When that shit went down with Gibbs, I couldn’t trust ’em/Invested my hard-earn money, tied up my bread/But he gon’ try to tell you I’m flawed, that’s in his head/It’s happening just the way that I said it, good on your own/And if I’m honest nothin’ gangsta about you, leave this alone, yeah,” Jeezy raps.

Shortly after the track surfaced online, Gibbs wasted little time sharing his thoughts and even addressed Jeezy’s scheduled Verzuz battle against Gucci Mane, whom Jeezy has had a lengthy feud with as well. The hit-for-hit battle is set to take place tomorrow night

Cant wait to see what 50 has to say about this or is he goin to be 50 and troll the verzus battle tomorrow night…… We are all going to tune in to see how this battle is going to turn out and if there is going to be some online trolling

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