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Rida Bakhsh is a phenomenal motivational speaker and certified life coach. Rida climbed the corporate ladder to success but still felt unfilled; like so many of us do. She found herself getting so wrapped up in her work, and being a wife and mother; she began to lose herself.

After doing some committed soul searching, she came to the realization her passion is being a life and motivational coach to assist women on finding out who they really are. Her primary focus is helping ambitious women who are stuck living a life of content elevate their mindset in order to achieve next level goals and live a totally balanced life.

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Do not miss these value gems she drops throughout this interview:

  1. When you start to feel that unfilled emotion you must take action. Do not ignore that voice that is telling you what you really need to be happy.
  2. Some of us fall into “situational happiness”. We think that if we get that house, job, or even lose those unwanted pounds; we will be dwelling in the land of happiness. And even after achieving these milestones, we are still left feeling incomplete. This is called situational happiness.
  3. Doing something 500 times and failing at it does not mean you are a failure. You have just discovered 500 ways that happen to not work. Many people fail forward. Which means, they keep trying until they get it right. You might not know it, but there are millionaires who failed their way to success.
  4. Silencing your inner critic will prevent you self sabotaging actions.
  5. The first thing you need to do once you decide you want to be a life and motivational coach.

Catch these value gems and much more as Rida is helping me answer questions like:

How do we, as women, stop the negative self talk to ourselves?

How do you create that mind shift and take action when you know that you are feeling unfilled in life?

For someone who wants to be a life and motivational coach, what is the first thing you would tell them to do?

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