Friday Book List

It’s Friday and it’s time for new books to read. I hope you enjoy these four books and give them a try.

Game Changer by Neal Shusterman

One hit on the football field, and suddenly Ash’s life isn’t what it seems. He has been hit into another dimension and keeps on bouncing through worlds, words that are not really his own.

The changes start small, but it goes out of control. Ash keeps moving through universes where he can have everything he wants, where society is stuck in the past, and where he finds himself through different eyes. If he isn’t careful, the world he is slowly learning to see clearly could be gone in an instant.

A Pho Love Story by Loan Lee

If Bao Nguyen had to describe himself, he was a rock. Steady and strong, but average. His grades and social status were average. Even working at his parents’ pho restaurant he is his parents’ fifth favorite employee

If Linh Mai had to describe herself, she was a firecracker. Stable when unlit, but full of potential for joy and fire. She loves art and wants to pursue a career in it. The only problem is her parents rely on her in many ways, including working full-time at her family’s pho restaurant.  

For years, the Mais and the Nguyens have been at competing neighboring pho restaurants. Bao and Linh, who’ve avoided each other for most of their lives, both suspect that this feud originates from something deeper than friendly competition.
A chance encounter brings Linh and Bao in the same vicinity and sparks fly, leading them both to wonder what took so long for them to connect. But then, of course, they immediately remember their parents.

Can Linh and Bao find love during feuding families and complicated histories?

As Far as You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper

Marty arrives in London with his oboe and some savings from his summer job. He’s excited to start his new life where he’s no longer the closeted shy kid who is hidden and is free to explore his sexuality without his parents’ disapproval.  

On the outside Marty’s life seems to have a perfect start: in just a few weeks, he’s made new friends, he is getting closer with his first boyfriend and he is traveling around Europe. However, Marty knows his façade can’t be plastered on his face forever. He hasn’t spoken to his parents since his arrival, his anxiety and homesickness are getting worse, he’s managing with whatever savings he has, and he hasn’t been able to land the job of his dreams. Will Marty find a place to call home?

Love in English by Maria Andreu

Sixteen-year-old Ana has just moved to New Jersey from Argentina for her Junior year of high school. She’s a poet and a lover of language—except she can barely understand her surroundings and is unable to express how she feels in the language she is supposed to learn how to speak.  
 Ana wants to go home—until she meets Harrison, the very cute American boy in her math class. And of course there is her new friend Neo, the Greek boy she partnered up with in ESL class, who she bonds with over 80s movies they are assigned each class. And Altagracia, her artistic and Instagram friend who is fluent in Spanish and helps her settle into American high school. But is it possible that Anna is becoming too American? What does it mean when her feelings for Harrison and Neo start to change? Anna may learn the rules and conventions of the English language but there are no rules when it comes to love.

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