David Bowie in eccentric outfits. The creature design of the Jim Henson Company. The writing of a Monty Python alum. Truly a match made in heaven.

There is a lot to love about the movie, but what truly sticks out for me is how much fun David Bowie seems to be having. He’s playing the bad guy, the Goblin King, and he is just going all out.

In almost all his scenes, David Bowie is acting against a bunch of Jim Henson creatures. He knows the movie he’s in is goofy. He knows how silly the thing is. So he’s just having fun. He’s not taking the whole too seriously. He’s not going for the Oscar. He’s just there to have a good time. And it elevates the film to a whole new level.

Just watch this:

I mean, this scene oozes good, silly, fun, charm. David Bowie is dancing around all these puppets having the time of his life, and I for one am very jealous.

If you too want to get jealous of David Bowie, or more jealous of him then you already are, Labyrinth (1986) is streaming now on HBOMAX.

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