June 2021 Marks Record Heat Wave

First potential heat wave of 2021 on the way! | WKRN News 2

The impact of climate change has been deafening. Due to human’s mistreatment of Earth’s environment and their uses of fossil fuels, global warming has been increasing exponentially. This is shown currently by the unexpected heat wave that America, specifically in Northeastern states, has been enduring this past week.

According to reporter and meteorologist Matthew Cappucci, this heat wave “is the harshest heat wave in history for this time of year”. While it has not quite been the warmest heat wave on record (that award goes to the Dust Bowls of 1930-1936), it is the warmest heat wave for early June as most heat waves do not reach their scorching temperature until July or August. According to Cappucci, this heat wave has brought temperatures 15 degrees higher than normal.

Areas that have been confirmed as reaching a record-breaking temperature for the month of June include Sweihan, located East of Abu Dhabi at 123 Degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius), along with Omidieh in Southwestern Iran and Kuwait on the Persian Gulf which both suffered the same temperatures. As such, numerous thunderstorms have been springing up which, in turn, can melt railroad tracks and prolong airplane takeoffs.

If climate change keeps increasing, then these areas along with areas in the Middle East may become uninhabitable due to coastal humidity and exceptional temperatures. This heat wave is only the beginning of global warming taking its toll on America and it leaves people wondering what temperatures July and August will bring us.

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