Throughout the pandemic, one thing that has become overwhelmingly clear is the importance of digital spaces for artists. However, with the dominance of so many social channels and a seemingly endless feed of content, creators need to pay more attention than ever to the business side of things. Thankfully, the new Rivet app can help them do so.

Black innovators Korede Aderele and Anj Fayemi teamed up to create a program dedicated to giving creators more control over their platforms, as well as offering simple ways to make meaningful connections with their supporters. Within the app, creators can easily view their demographics, monitor engagement, streamline their mailing lists, and send out “pushes,” or special posts that fans can pay to access. They can use these pushes for things like selling merchandise or NFTs, and for musicians, exclusive music. 

Even before its official launch, Rivet won MIT’s 2021 Creative Arts competition, got invited to join MIT’s delta v accelerator program, and teamed up with Music Business Africa to help connect budding artists to the app. With almost 100 beta users and over 6,000 fans following them, the Rivet team have already helped creators earn tens of thousands of dollars, signaling a promising future for a still-developing platform. 

You can learn more about Rivet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and launch your own profile on their website now!

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