Organ Breaker

Dear Organ Breaker,

I think you need to know about the path of destruction you leave in your wake. I walk outside and see the piles of weeping bodies you leave behind. They are stuck in perpetual motion of attempting to pick up the pieces of their now broken vitality. Even when they are able to complete the puzzle, it is never the same.

One part is too big.

One part is too small.

Sometimes it isn’t even the right shade of red or pink.

I think you do that on purpose though. You don’t want your victims to finish your game because then that would mean you lost.

Are you are a sore loser?

Even if you say you aren’t I’ll still think otherwise. Only losers cheat their way through life. I guess that’s the only way for you to feel whole.

Are you broken yourself?

Is that why you break other people?

These are only theories, but you don’t have to answer. I don’t want to hear from you anyway because I’m afraid you will come for me next. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than get a visit from you. I’ll be content with my lonely life, and you can continue breaking organs. You do your job, and I’ll do mine. Let’s keep it that way.


The Heart

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My name is Brianna Geiger and I am an aspiring YA author who wishes to make a difference. My primary genre’s of work pertain to that of horror and fantasy, but I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone. I truly believe that every story has a purpose and I hope to share that with an audience who is willing to listen.

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