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Demon’s Curse

When I was looking back at the old version I wrote of this, I was surprised to see that it wasn't that bad. I thought I would see my old writing in a bad light, but I just wrote in a different way than I do now. I know I've definitely improved, but sometimes it's not about what's better, it's about the style of writing you prefer.

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Floral Renaissance

I decided to write a story centered around flowers. I tried to add some sort of meaning to it, but I think I enjoyed writing the character learning about the significance of the flowers the most. I hope you readers enjoy!

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Help Wanted

HELP WANTED: Night Shift Guard for Morgue  Location: Haven County Hospital We need someone who can accept this job ASAP! Our hospital is widely known for its prosthetic surgeries, but sometimes they do not always go to plan. Reports have been made that the morning shift stuff has been moved around in the morgue, so we…

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Organ Breaker

Dear Organ Breaker, I think you need to know about the path of destruction you leave in your wake. I walk outside and see the piles of weeping bodies you leave behind. They are stuck in perpetual motion of attempting to pick up the pieces of their now broken vitality. Even when they are able…

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I Don’t Believe in Love

The girl’s hands tightened as the question she pondered over was said. However, once the question left her mouth, a thickened silence had fallen over both her and the boy who stood in front of her. She knew this was going to happen. The girl had been in this situation many times before, and all…

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