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Hello, readers! I really love messing around with imagery, so this short is just my attempt at a little fantasy, with exaggerated powers. I hope those that read enjoy!

“Hrm? What is it you two want exactly?” I growl, forcing myself to look somewhat decent.

“You know why we’re here.” He says, face locked into a death stare. He stood on the other edge of the plateau that overlooked the town, the afternoon breeze brushing through his blonde hair and trench coat guarding him against the soft wind. His coat was as black as the night sky, with occasional flashes of light and dark blue coursing throughout it. As I observe his appearance, his tan face and blue eyes remain unmoving and unnerved in a desperate attempt to intimidate me. “So… why’d you do it?” He mutters, breaking the silence.

“How’d you get your hair to look like that? It’s shaped like a star… kind of stupid, but charming too.” I answer him, blatantly ignoring his question.

“Your cute and ditzy attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere… I’ll ask again. Why’d you do it?”

“Why should I tell you? No matter whether you know or not, you’re just gonna try and kill me anyway. It’d be more fun if you had to earn it, you know?” I declare to him, standing upright.”

“Okay… so we’re taking it this route, are we? I’m surprised someone as disgusting as you can even keep an act like this.”

“Well, I try,” I say flaunting the damaged ends of my black hair and winking, revealing the bags under my eyes that my pinky finger can fit into.

“Ugh, did you forget how to eat, or is it that much fun hating yourself?” He says, gaging at the sight of my eyes.

“Well, I guess you could say both but what’s really the difference? I just like to test my limits. It feels… too easy doing what’s expected. Not that you’d understand.” I say, with an upbeat attitude. With every word that comes out of my mouth, his composure slips out of him. That stern face is becoming a six-year-old on the verge of a tantrum. Hands clenched, ready to make a rash move for me to pounce right onto. I would’ve ended this already if wasn’t so much fun to watch. “Hey, are you gonna say anything?”

I ask his lady friend who hasn’t uttered a word. Her demeanor remained fierce through the entire altercation. She has a nearly identical skin completion to the male she stands beside but somehow manages to be taller. She loomed with her hair reaching down to her back, flowing on the afternoon breeze. She was muscular for a woman, showing off her arms in her short-sleeve leather jacket. Both arms were coursing with the same energy as her friend’s trench coat, resembling a tattoo that wrapped around her whole arm. “No…? Nothing at all? Not even gonna try to help your friend out?”

I questioned her, only getting me more a heavier sense of tension from her. “Okay. That attitude is probably why you’re here in the first place. Maybe if you tried to-oh I don’t know-Actually do something when it counted, maybe he could’ve lived? But no, you’re here, being sad, angry, and trying to carry out some generic revenge scheme that’s not going to work.”

The second those words left my mouth; they turn to each other and then look back at me. Livid and with a fire burning in their eyes.

“Gara! You ready for this!?” The guy shouts to his friend.

“Born ready, Startin!” The girl shouts to her friend.

“So those are your names, huh? Cute, Cute. You’re like two peas in a pod. I’ll make sure you both die slowly then. It would be rude of me to leave you nothing to remember me by when you’re burning in hell.” I let out, with a smile. I raise my right hand in the air and a purple haze begins to form in the palm of my hand. It grows thicker and thicker, pulsating with energy up until it bursts in a puff of smoke. The smoke shrouded around my body, making my black blouse appear purple and the large flower designs look as if their original pink was fading. I take my right hand and brandish it, clearing my body of the smoke.

Once the smoke was cleared, a large bow rested in my right hand, being held from the center. It resonated a pink and purple hue on each end, constantly releasing a purple mist.

“Now who should I choose first?” I ask, squinting my eyes with glee. “Ohhhhh. You’re waiting for me? How kind.” I take my left hand, shrouded in a purple mist, and drawback on the bow, thin enough to cut the air. Let go. And the mist explodes into a cloud the second it passes the center of the bow, heading straight for them.

“I’m on it!” Gara shouts, shoving Startin behind her. The mist smashes onto the ground and envelopes them entirely, only leaving behind a faint view of the trees and frantic coughing. Just as I was ready to let my guard down. A navy-blue light burst out of the mist, clearing all of it. Gara stood tall with her glowing tattoos gone and a saber casting her right arm, shining the same hue that her tattoos did. Startin stood confidently beside her, holding a golden crescent-shaped blade by its pitch-black handle in his left hand. It was just about as large as his hand.

“Nice toys,” I say, letting off a soft smile. Startin raised his weapon. The golden edge began to glow a bright light. I draw my bow and dash to get out of the way of whatever he was planning, only to be blindsided by a tackle from Gara. She planted her foot directly onto my stomach, leaving me defenseless. She kept her saber to my neck, nudging it ever so slightly. Startin slowly comes into view, weapon pointed directly to my face, glowing stronger than it was before.     

“So…One. More. Time. Why did you kill him?” Startin demanded. With the light of his weapon only growing stronger.

“What does it matter to you? You didn’t even know him… well neither did I but-URGH!” Gara’s foot drives into my gut as her saber starts to sting from the pressure.

“You didn’t even know him!?” Gara shouts, holding herself back from finishing me off.

“Uh-huh! What of it!? Just my luck that you two catch me and chase me down! Now you’re gonna kill me on top of it. Karma I guess.”

Both their eyes sink deeper into my soul, forcing me to give in. “It was just a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How was he on his way back into town, he looked innocent, simple, unsuspecting and I was bored. He was probably on his way back to his wife and kids, his family, so I just couldn’t help myself. The lust of being someone else’s curse or ill-fortune. Being the one to cause others to enter a spur of pain, strife, and regret. I couldn’t resist an opportunity like that. And now, I’m paying for my sins. For taking my hand and filling his body to the brim with mist, but you two just watched me do it. How much better does that make you? You’re not here to stop me from killing others. You’re just here to do the “right thing’ so your consciousness doesn’t rot you from the inside out. But whatever, do what you want to me.

“Gladly,” Startin said. The glow of the light begins to shine brilliantly, but Gara’s saber jumps from my neck to in front of Startin. “What are you- “

“Don’t. We’ll just be giving her what she wants.” Gara said, eyes glistening.

“So!? We can’t have someone like killing because she thinks it’s fun.” Catching them off their guard, I take my left hand and haphazardly fling the mist that still etches from it. Both consumed by a cloud of toxins, I sprint for my bow lying in the grass and flee off of the hill into the trees, with the sound of Startin and Gara’s coughing growing fainter with every step I take.

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