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Hidden Valley Ranch Releases RanchNog Kit | Food & Wine

As the holidays approach quickly (some holidays of which have happened or are ongoing), our stress levels are rising and, in turn, chaotic ideas ensue. Some ideas through the years included fried chicken scented yule logs and Taco Bell scented wrapping paper. However, neither of which sound as bizarre as Hidden Valley Ranch’s “Ranch Eggnog”. This holiday “delight” is exactly as it sounds-eggnog with ranch dressing sprinkled inside. Because we are too chicken to taste it, we had our friend (and online blogger) Alexis Morillo provide her opinion on the products.

According to Morillo, the recipe called for the ranch dressing along with mezcal, maple syrup, ginger juice, whipped cream, pasteurized egg whites, rosemary, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Morillo also notes that, while the measurements for the sweet ingredients like maple syrup and cinnamon were quite large (half a measuring cup), the “ranch” ingredients were in rather minimal measurements (not even 1 cup). After stirring the ingredients together, she poured it into the cup and took a sip.

At first, Morillo expresses her reluctance to taste the confection. Upon doing so, however, she reported that it tasted really good. According to her review, “The flavor of the ranch seasoning folds into the smokiness of the mezcal, which is sweetened by the heavy whipping cream and maple syrup”. She then returned for seconds, stating that, while it’s not the holiday treat of the season, she would try it again next year.

The Ranch Eggnog kit from Hidden Valley Ranch was available on their website since the start of December but has since sold out. Even though we chickened out of trying this new eggnog flavor, there are people such as Morillo who are willing to eat something new which is never a bad thing. Hey, maybe this is our sign that it’s never too late to mix up our holiday traditions”, concludes Morillo. “Ol’ Saint Nick is getting a goblet of Ranch Nog when he comes to my house this year”.

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