Air Apparent recruits Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross for the airy “All By Yourself,” a retro-tinged celebration of finding your footing after a relationship crumbles. Neil Sethi, the Indian-American artist who performs as Air Apparent, originally built the song around a synth guitar sample before adding real guitar thanks to session musician Paul Kinman, giving much more dimension to the song and its intricate-yet-easygoing layers. 

“There’s an empowered feeling telling someone they’re no good for you and making it clear to them that they’ll have to find solace alone,” Sethi shares. “Rather than sulking in sadness, ‘All By Yourself’ differs from the typical break-up song, showcasing the individual growth of ending a relationship.”

Sethi and Youngs previously collaborated on August 2019’s “Sorry,” an upbeat track about letting go of past relationship woes while falling for someone new. 

“Having worked with her before, I reached out to Krysta via IG because I thought her and Julia could probably crack open a killer topline from the strong basis I felt it had,” Sethi explains. “I shared some of the adjectives/vibes I felt it evoked for me, and Krysta and Julia took that and ran with it! They came up with the first draft/demo which felt great from the get-go. The hook itself was actually the same tune as the vocal sample I had originally put in the concept, and it just ended up working perfectly for the actual melody.”

You can find “All By Yourself” on your favorite streaming services now, and link up with Air Apparent on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website!

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