Immerse yourself in the world of fashion photography at Experience the Times of Bill Cunningham, a show-stopping exhibit at The Seaport in NYC that highlights the noted photographer’s work in a modern, electrifying way. Sponsored by Shutterstock, the exhibit brings Cunningham’s signatures to life with fun displays and interactive screens that show off modern renditions of the trends he captured.

The photographer, who died in 2016, famously rode around on a bicycle to photograph stylish New Yorkers going about their day. Through both fashion photography and journalism, he made friends with the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, and he photographed famous women like Marilyn Monroe and Anna Wintour. Experience the Times includes one of the bicycles he rode as well as his signature blue jacket.

Cunningham’s famous bicycle, via Shutterstock.

In addition to learning more about Cunningham’s decade-spanning artistry, guests can have their own photoshoot on a crosswalk set and a staircase with a projector that will add more life to their outfits:

The exhibit’s opening night attracted some of fashion’s finest, including supermodel Iman, designer Zac Posen, and rockstar-turned-style-icon Debbie Harry. 

Iman visiting Experience the Times, via Shutterstock.

You can dive into Experience the Times of Bill Cunningham in New York’s Live Rocket Studios, at 26 Fulton Street through October 30th! Get tickets here and find more information on the exhibition’s website and Instagram.

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