The Art Of Privacy

On the most recent episode of the Fox comedy Call Me Kat, I was truly able to empathize with Randi (played by Kyla Pratt) and her reasoning behind not wanting Carter (Julian Gant) to know her middle name. I, too, have anxiety letting others know everything about me. And even though telling someone your middle name might seem trivial, it’s what it’s meant to stand for.

I thrive off of living a very private life! But I didn’t just hop up one day and decide on this route. It was a slow and steady process throughout my years.

It came as a series of hard lessons for my chosen private lifestyle. I also have no regrets for living this way.

It sucks when you confide in someone you once trusted, only to have that information used against you. Or, made fun of for feeling a certain type of way.

Of course have friends! Just be selective about what you share with them. And no, it’s not being sneaky. It’s being smart. If someone feels comfortable discussing another person’s personal affairs with you, nine times out of ten, they won’t hesitate to discuss yours.

I get questioned a lot about why I don’t do personal social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) from people I may have just met. Other than stating the obvious in my head that it’s none of their business, social media is no place to showcase every detail of your life. Of course that’s my personal opinion. But I’m a believer in my successes being mine alone, as are my failures.

The comparison culture running rampant due to social media is feeding the mental health crisis across the nation. And when I saw myself getting caught up, I put my foot down and my metaphorical privacy screen up. And I’m immensely happier for it.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Those who do happen to know the truly great going-ons in my life also know not to share them on their own social media without my consent. It’s a big no-no!

In spite of all my misgivings about sharing my life with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, I also find it really fun being a mystery. You can be and do whatever you want with no judgement! You’re so free! One day it might change. Actually I hope it does for the right guy in my life and when necessary. But for now, I’ll keep practicing what it means low-key and off the record.

Privacy is truly an art form nowadays with everyone so connected in the digital world. But once you’ve practiced it and learned what you’re comfortable sharing, it’s a breeze!

I guess it’s a little easier for me being a Sag.

At the end of the Call Me Kat episode, Randi comes around and admits to why she had an issue with Carter knowing her middle name. Bottom line, respect other people’s boundaries. You never know why they’re there. And if your patient enough, you’ll understand why.

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