Here is an analysis on Taylor’s background and why she has experience and authority in the areas in which she developed executive orders. In addition, I included a story about why I am excited about one particular executive order.

Here is an analysis on Taylor’s background and why she has experience and authority in the areas in which she developed executive orders. In addition, I included a story about why I am excited about one particular executive order.

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor has published the ten executive orders she will sign immediately when she becomes Governor of Georgia. These executive orders are right in line with her campaign platform, “Jesus, guns and babies,” which seeks to protect the first and second amendments, the unborn’s right to life, and our children from the dangers of human trafficking and the indoctrination of communist ideologies such as critical race theory. Below is the list of executive orders, so you can see for yourself. These are the first nine executive orders, the tenth one will be announced on Monday May 2 via the Stew Peters Show.

Kandiss Taylor executive orders
Kandiss Taylor executive orders
Kandiss Taylor executive orders

From these of executive orders, we can see Taylor’s flexing her muscles of expertise in areas such as election fraud, the school system, right to life, adoption law, and the Constitution.

Kandiss Taylor Investigated the 2020 Election and Laid Out Plans for a Full Forensic Audit

First, through executive orders such as number one (Fund for GA State Guard) and number four (2020 Election Investigation Commission), Taylor seeks not only to eliminate election fraud in the future but also correct the comprehensive irregularities and fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. Taylor is a voice of authority to implement legislation related to election fraud because she is the only gubernatorial candidate (and this includes candidate and current governor Brian Kemp) who investigated the reported fraud from the 2020 election herself. She pulled tabulator tapes, made open records requests, and consulted with the people involved with the full forensic audit in Arizona to find out how to get the same type of audit going in Georgia.

The current governor, Brian Kemp, has yet to call a special session or give the go-ahead for a full forensic audit to happen. “Governor Kemp likes to use the tagline, ‘easy to vote, hard to cheat.’ And I hate that, because it shouldn’t be easy to vote. It’s the highest right of our land. It should be secure to vote, if it’s same day voting like the Constitution says, and we take a state holiday and we wait in line for two hours, I don’t care,” says Taylor. “I want it secure, legal, fair voting, and then I don’t want it hard to cheat, I want it impossible to cheat. It should not be a possibility. We can secure standardized testing in schools, and people can go to prison when they cheat, but we can’t secure our elections? That’s ignorant, completely asinine, and I’m sick of it.”

Here’s a specific example of Taylor’s hands-on experience investigating the election fraud. In July 2021, Kandiss Taylor began releasing evidence of 168,000 ballots from Cobb County with no chain of custody. In an interview with Locals vlogger Marcus Dee, Taylor explained how this discovery occurred:

“The auditing team had gotten all the open records requests possible from Cobb County, and when they were examining the tabulator tapes, a mathematician on the auditing team noticed the numbers weren’t adding up. Typically, each ballot scanner is supposed to have its own tape, as well as its counter number, serial number, unique date, and timestamp. But instead, all the tapes had come from the same machine, with the same serial number, and same protective counter number, with some of the tapes printed only minutes apart. She inquired about the issue to the Election Director, who explained that the cards that held all the votes on them from the ballot marking devices (BMDs) were all taken and put in the same machine. The fact that all the tapes were printed from the same machine indicates a serious violation of proper procedure.” For more details around this issue and what Taylor did in response, please check out a timeline I did around the Georgia fraud for Populist Revolt last year.

Kandiss Taylor Has 20 Years of Experience as a School Counselor and Educator

Second, for executive orders number six (Groomer ban in public education) and number seven (Dress Code for Public Schools), Taylor is able to draw upon her own experience having spent twenty years in the school system, as both an educator and counselor. Taylor, who has her PhD in counseling, is well aware that 70 percent of the governor’s budget is allocated towards education.

Taylor has explained that there is an ethics division called the professional standards commission that issues certificates for teachers. Teachers cannot receive government income without a certificate. “So what you do is say ‘If you’re taught teaching communism, oppression, etc. to my children – because they’ll just change the name, i.e. critical race theory, social emotional learning, so be specific – if you get caught teaching these things to children you get sanctioned for 90 days and lose your income, hit them in the pocketbook,” said Taylor in an interview back in December. “And the second time they are caught doing it, they will lose their job because they will have no certificate.”

Kandiss Taylor Has Helped Pregnant Youth and Rape Victims, and Assisted with Jailing Predators

Taylor, who recently received an endorsement from Georgia Right to Life, also has dealt with abortion and adoption law issues, making her equipped to issue executive order number two (Defund Abortion) and number three (Adoption Law Commission). Taylor has personal experience dealing with cases of rape in her time in the school system, helping girls decide to forgo abortion and instead choose to give up their baby for adoption.

In a recent speech that garnered Taylor a standing ovation (and the highest amount of votes) at the Georgia Republican Assembly Endorsement Convention, she stated that “There’s no exclusion, there’s no exception. I have a good friend she’s a counselor and I refer people to her and in fact I referred family to her, who were having marital problems a while back, she’s awesome. She’s a product of rape, and her parents saw her value and wanted to save her life and she has a state senator as her son and she is a godly woman, and what lives has she touched over and over and if she had been killed, wouldn’t have happened. Every child has a destiny.” In that same speech given at the GRA on April 2, Taylor mentioned how she has testified in court on behalf of rape victims, and even helped put predators behind bars.

Kandiss Taylor Has a History of Educating the Public on the Constitution

Kandiss taylor female governor

And finally, Taylor is a voice of authority when it comes to the Constitution and common law, which some of her executive orders are centered around, such as number eight (Return to our Foundation), and number five (mandate ban for governmental entities in Georgia). Just a couple weeks ago she sat down and gave a thorough, well-researched lesson on our founding principles, particularly what “separation of church and state” means in the Constitution. For a detailed analysis please check out a recent article I did, Kandiss Taylor Parts the Red Sea of Church and State. But this is only a snapshot of her work in this area. Taylor, along with other Patriots such as citizen journalist Dave José and Arizona Congressional candidate Josh Barnett, has spent the better part of the last year and a half educating the public on what the Constitution really says and how our rights are expressed in it.

Why I am Thrilled About Taylor’s Plans to Implement Faith-Based Addiction Programs

Finally, I wanted to give my own opinion on an executive order I was thrilled to learn Taylor plans to sign, only because I have considerable personal experience with it. In executive order number 9 (Funds for Christian programs), Taylor plans to fund faith-based residential programs to combat the opioid crisis. I have only been a Christian for a few years now, but I have battled addiction for at least half of the 36 years I have been on this earth.

I am on the successful side of the battle today, with significant time in recovery, and still work every day at it. I have attended several treatment facilities and programs myself, some of them Christian-based and some not. But most of my experience with Christian-based programs comes from the service work I have done at these facilities during my time as a sober individual, and I can tell you what amazing things I have seen.

I was living in Connecticut about five years ago, and became involved with a women’s Christian faith-based program run by the Bridgeport Rescue Mission in Bridgeport, Connecticut. At the time I wasn’t even a practicing Christian, yet I remember the joy I felt every week I got to see those girls and the miracles I saw happen. I looked forward to every Monday night when myself and a few other women in recovery went there to lead meetings. These types of places never force people to leave until they are ready, and they take in people off the street who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment. I have volunteered at numerous treatment facilities but there was something about this one, the spirit and camaraderie that sticks out in my mind.

A second experience with Christian faith-based programs that sticks out in my mind is Pivot Ministries, a men’s Christian faith-based residential program that is also located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I remember one year I asked my grandparents if we could serve food to the homeless on Thanksgiving, and they took me there. Again, the spirit and the miracles were otherworldly. I remember the tears that came to my eyes when we were done cooking and the men all stood up and sang gospel songs to us.

One person in particular stood out to me that day at Pivot Ministries. When I went outside for a minute, I saw a girl who appeared downtrodden and alone that was walking down the street, and Pivot Ministries welcomed her in to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. I remember the sad look on her face when she walked in, but I remember seeing her again at the end of the day before I left and this time she actually had a smile on her face. I thought about her every day for months, maybe years after that. I always regretted not getting her phone number so I could see how she was doing, and I can only pray that God has done amazing things in her life since then.

Another friendly reminder to please stay tuned to the Stew Peters Show this Monday to find out what Taylor’s tenth executive order will be.

For more information on the campaign or to become a volunteer, or to interview Taylor yourself, please contact Kandiss Taylor’s campaign scheduler, Christi Maude. Her email is

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