New York Young Republican Club Hosts Alt-Right Event, Top Speakers Invite List Finds Nazis and folks who attacked Jewish Reporters, MTG Claims She Never Planned Jan 6th or Trump would be the President

She was one of the “guest speakers” and they cite Alex Jones as being “right.” Where’s the Jews in question on the day Kanye West went on the show? Weird. Listen to her speech for yourself.

The GOP has won control over the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy has said, Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the strongest leaders. We now have an entire political organization formed under the Qanon cult in power. What happened on January 6th is in the past. It’s the future we should be worried about. If you have children in school, you should begin to prepare them for the changes coming down the pipe via educational legislatures.

Check out our special report, Cult Minded: Tracing the link between Conspiracies and Emotional Health.

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