Is there anything quite like the rush of discovering a new song or artist you can’t get enough of? We think not, and that’s exactly why we at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give creators at every level the recognition they deserve. So many artists spent September offering fans new treats, releasing some of the best work of their career, and opening up in their lyrics like never before. Throughout September, we got to talk to incredible artists like Durry and Josh Christina about their latest projects, but there’s a whole world of talent making their own waves. Here are some of our favorite new releases from this month!

Bryant Barnes –  “Adore You”

One of the latest additions to the Mercury Records and Republic Records family, Bryant Barnes is already in a league of his own as an evocative singer-songwriter who brings you right into his world and experiences with every note. His debut single, “Adore You,” captures his ability to channel some of life’s trickiest feelings into a lo-fi masterpiece that will make others feel less alone in their own loneliness. “Tell the truth, are you getting sick of me?” he pleads with a partner, channeling so much emotion into his vocals that you’ll feel like you’re the one tearing up on the receiving end of a difficult phone call. “Adore You” is an alluring listen from start to end, and you’ll definitely adore Bryant’s artistry before you even finish the song. Keep up with his journey on Instagram and TikTok

‘Adore You’ is about the feeling of uncertainty in a relationship because of ongoing problems coupled with overthinking. It’s meant to capture the extreme emotional distress one feels during the pursuit of love.

Bryant Barnes

Byland – “Monstera”

Byland creates an immersive, indie-rock wonderland on the captivating “Monstera,” a reflection on a move from Albuquerque to Seattle that affected her relationship with a close friend and former bandmate. They had to say goodbye to not only their comfortable, in-person friendship, but also their strong musical connection they hoped would always stay as they played songs together. The song grapples with the bittersweet feeling of looking forward to something that you know is hurting someone you care about – the duality is complemented further by Alie’s sirenlike, smooth voice contrasting the gritty, guitar-focused instrumental. It’s haunting and somehow hopeful at the same time, creating a stunning capsule of the human experience and all its contradictions. Learn more about Byland on Facebook, Instagram, and her website!

I remember the day, shortly after I told her about my plans to move, the two of us sat at the small piano bench in my Albuquerque home and just wept together. The gravity of the decision and what it meant for our childhood dream was just so heavy. She was sad, angry, and heartbroken, and I caused her that pain. I knew I was doing what was best for me, but it really sucks when what is best for you hurts other people that you love. Kristian will always be a significant part of who I am as a person and a musician, and this song is a part of our story.

Byland to Folk N Rock

Fire Follows – “Only One Comes Down Alive”

Feeling discouraged while fighting for something you believe in, or trying to turn your life around and free yourself from your doubts? Fire Follows will embolden you with their powerful “Only One Comes Down Alive,” a fierce reminder that you and your passions are worth fighting for. The song feels like a melodic journey through frustration, anger, and ultimate strength, vowing to stand up to skeptics and anyone who puts you down along your path. “I’m a peaceful man, but trust me, if you try to cross this line, I will break your bones and build a monster of your own design,” vocalist Chris Watt roars. Fire Follows have designed one monster of a song, and it will make you feel more alive than ever. Get to know the band on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, Twitter, and their website!

‘Only One Comes Down Alive’ is the newest single from Colorado based hard-rock band Fire Follows. In usual FF style, the track can be thought of as a hyper melodic and hooky anthem, showcasing tremendous dynamic range as well as seamlessly amalgamating aspects of multiple genres. The use of keys, guitars, synths and pristine vocal layering make this a compelling track for a wide variety fans of within the rock/metal genre. ‘Only One Comes Down Alive’ is lyrically thought-provoking on multiple levels, and can ultimately be thought of as the anthem of the silent majority.

Chris Watt, vocalist of Fire Follows

HWASA – “I Love My Body”

Need a little cheerful, self-love boost as the dreary weather and early sunsets return? HWASA has you covered with the retro-influenced “I Love My Body,” an unapologetic anthem about loving who you are and how you look no matter what others might say. “Don’t be talking smack, hating on me, like, I’m worth so much more than that,” she insists with her signature confidence. Her energy is so impactful and it’s bound to have you feeling more secure in yourself as you sing and dance along! Whenever HWASA has a comeback, whether it’s on her own or with her fellow MAMAMOO members, it’s more than just music – it’s truly a cultural moment that changes the industry. If you love HWASA, learn more about her on Instagram!

It’s been a very long time [since I made a solo comeback]. It seems like I cannot even remember what thoughts have been blocking me until now. One thing is certain, that I am truly happy and thankful.


Marena – “Kids On The Playground”

We got to talk to Marena about her debut single, “Out Cold,” this spring, and she’s returned with another track to heat up your fall playlists! “Kids On The Playground” is a nostalgic reflection on how much we complicate things as we grow up, when you learn that band-aids don’t necessarily take away pain and the bad days aren’t as easy to shrug off. Marena picks just the right images and feelings to describe that make the story come to life in such a beautiful way, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the park after dark with her as you’re thinking back to the good old days. The production is just as clever, with a repeating “hey!” vocal channeling playground cheers, and the mix of electronic sounds and guitar strums mirroring the back-and-forth between childhood and adult life in the lyrics. You can learn more about Marena on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and her website

I’ll just take this opportunity to thank you guys and all the fans for listening. There’s a lot of music out there and the fact that people are stopping to listen to my work is incredible.

Marena. toTREMG

Matt Schuster – “Tell Me Tennessee”

Congratulations to the amazing Matt Schuster, who signed with Warner Music Nashville this month! Once you listen to his label debut, “Tell Me Tennessee,” you’ll understand exactly why they wanted him to join the Warner family. Matt has a gift for weaving together just the right details to tell the full story of a situation, and in the case of “Tell Me Tennessee,” it’s looking back on a past relationship while celebrating the electrifying energy of Music City. He reflects on “planting pieces of [his] heart up and down 16th” and being “on a midsummer high” with someone special, making you feel like you’re right there with him, walking down the streets of Nashville and trading wistful stories of the past. Tell him what you think of the song on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

‘Tell Me Tennessee’ felt like the perfect first song to put out with my new family at Warner Music Nashville because it’s as much a love song as it is a song about chasing your dreams. Since moving to Tennessee to pursue music, it’s been such a whirlwind, and I think the romantic and nostalgic lyrics help paint the picture of how complicated yet exciting this chapter has been. This song is not only about the one that got away; it’s also a song about the significance and hope that Tennessee holds for me.

Matt Schuster

Mike Sabath – “Life”

As much as self-help advice and meditating can help your mindset, sometimes you just need to scream. No shame in it, we all have those moments! Mike Sabath turns that overwhelming feeling into a quirky alt-pop masterpiece with “Life,” a bouncy track with punchy lyrics, engaging production, and, yes, a little screaming. The lyrics cleverly flick between “it’s okay, we’re alright” and “I’m okay, wanna die” to show just how easy it is to slip over the edge of hopelessness when things go wrong, while illustrating the winding path to growth and healing those negative thoughts. It ends with a spoken outro that’s just as validating as it is chilling, with Mike admitting, “I’m honestly not quite sure how well I’m doing… I miss my old self.” Meanwhile, the music video ends with his once-long hair shaven off as he washes his face, signifying a new chapter for his art and his growth. Keep up with that growth by following Mike on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

This record came from a moment of overwhelming frustration and loneliness that seemed to crack open the shell of who I was and forced me forward to evolve into the next version of myself.

Mike Sabath

Nessa Barrett x Whethan – “Sick Of Myself”

Want a new bop in your arsenal to help combat that pesky seasonal depression? Nessa Barrett has so many songs that are perfect to help you through those feelings, and the latest in her catalog is the buzzy “Sick Of Myself,” a collaboration with superstar producer Whethan that nails that balance between self-deprecating and dance-worthy. There’s a good chance Nessa will sing about one of your exact insecurities, letting you feel seen while Whethan helps keep the energy up and encourages you to jam the blues away. We could never get sick of this duo or the amazing music they supply us! Connect with Nessa on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and get to know Whethan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website

‘sick of myself’ is the perfect collaboration between Nessa and I’s sound, and I’m excited to play this one out at upcoming shows.


PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE – “Fire” (feat. Sprite)

As the year starts winding down to a close, there’s no better time to get a head start on some of your goals and set a strong foundation for the future. And if you need some motivation to get working, look no further than PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE and 16-year-old Thai rapper Sprite. “Fire” is simply triumphant, describing the artists’ dedication to making their dreams come true over a buzzing instrumental that’s bound to get you hyped to step toward your own goals. Their fiery approach to music is so empowering, and it’s no wonder why they’ve amassed such a passionate global fanbase. Get more PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their website, and meet Sprite on Instagram

This new single is our celebration of ambition, self-assurance and our relentless pursuit of success. We hope that the song will serve as a powerful catalyst, igniting the flames within each listener and propelling them toward their own goals. We encourage everyone to keep pushing on, to set your passions alight, and to always reach for the stars. Let’s soar to greater heights!


What were your favorite releases this month? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: HWASA, courtesy of P NATION

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