Viacom CBS has cut ties with Nick Cannon, saying the host “failed to acknowledge or apologize” for spreading “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.” Cannon will no longer be a part of the conglomerate’s long operation because the antisemitic tagged interview, Wild ‘N Out, which he hosted and produced on VH1.

Viacom CBS statement reads as follows:

“ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism,”

“While we support ongoing education and dialogue in the fight against bigotry, we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him.” The statement continued.

Cannon’s anti-Semitic speech came in a 90-minute interview conducted by an anti-semitic Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin, who was fired from the group for making anti-Semitic remarks in a 1989 interview with the Washington Post. During his interview, Cannon referenced numerous conspiracy theories about Jewish people, like that Jewish “bloodlines … control everything,” and he denied the comments were hateful.

During the interview, Cannon(far right)

In Cannon’s hour-plus podcast, he and Griffith asserted that Black people are the real Hebrews and that Jews have seized their identity.

Cannon said that those without dark skin have a “deficiency” that inherently compels them to act out of fear and commit acts of violence to survive.

“They had to be savages,” Cannon said, adding that he was referring to “Jewish people, white people, Europeans,” among others.

Later this week, Cannon expressed he had no intention of apologizing. He told Fast Company said that “apologies are empty.”

“Are you forcing me to say the words ‘I’m sorry’? Are you making me bow down, ’cause then again, that would be perpetuating that same rhetoric that we’re trying to get away from,” Cannon said in the interview.”

A lot of people have been against his Cannon’s remarks while some support his statements fiercely.

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