The Witcher

The Witcher is a Netflix adaptation of the series by Andrzej Sapkowski. It follows that adventures of Geralt, a witcher, who fights monsters for a living. He doesn’t concern himself with people’s affairs and takes a neutral stance on anything that’s happening around in the world. Most of the time he’s getting roped into doing something.

Yennifer is another main character who is a witch. She comes off as a sympathetic character because she’s disfigured with one shoulder raised and a lump on her chin. Her father abuses her and a witch comes and takes her away because she unexpectedly did magic. Yennifer does find one person who accepts her for who she is and they start a romance with each other. As the years goes by it’s clear that Yennifer becomes ambitious and continues to worry about her outward appearance. She kept blaming other people for her misgivings and didn’t take into account her own failures and try to correct them. It seemed that she never wanted to take responsibility of her own actions. After ascending and years working for a king, she decides to find a way to have a child.

Ciri is a young child that Geralt accidently combines his destiny with his after claiming “The Law of Surprise.” She is raised by her grandmother, Queen Calanthe, after her parents die. After her kingdom, Cintra, is attacked and destroyed Queen Calanthe tells Ciri to find Geralt because he was her destiny. Ciri is young, but brave in traveling the world to find Geralt because of her grandmother’s dying wish. She shows tremendous strength as a character and the actress who plays her did a wonderful job in portraying Ciri’s innocence and conventions throughout the first season.

All of the characters were interesting and really brought the story together.

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