Fourteen Questions Lovers ask

Cloud is ready to rain
and the old voice is saying:
Is this not the old path?
The path taken by my old flame.
Is there another path to a happy ending?
Will it end the same old way?

Opening a new page,
a new opening of my heart,
the old story keeps popping out.
Will this story have the same ending?
Is my heart really true to itself?
Will it get broken again?
Is there another dance to this music? 
Will the songs not clouded my mind and make me dance the old steps? 
This music is drowning my soul,
can I ever live to dance again? 
Is this me, the music or the drummer's fault? 

Does love mean to break a heart?
Where is that love that last forever?
How I wish to dance forever!
Is there some lessons unlearn in my old story?
Here comes the rain cloud now,
will it fall and make things grow?

(Written 11th July 2010)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s lovely and a bit sad too,

    1. Oracle69 says:

      @shivam, yeah it is lovely and sad! Does love has to be so sad?

      1. No, it doesn’t and I think poem is lovely but there are some words which are sad. It’s about the bigger picture.

  2. Oracle69 says:

    Sad! Does love need to be sad?

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