Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

There was a great deal of more action in this book than the last. Aedion was finally able to meet Aelin again after years of being apart. They were able to come to terms with the people they had become and ow they could take down the King of Ardalan and restore their kingdom. My opinion of Chaol didn’t improve. He continued to get worse and acted like a complete ass whole to Aelin when they met again. After what they had been through together, he seriously believed that she was going to take over Ardalan. They were basically on the same side, but he let his pride get in the way. It was great when Rowan came back into the story. It was obvious they missed each other after all they went through. It wasn’t until Chaol decided to get off his high horse and started working with Aelin, Aedion, and Rowan that my opinion of him improved a bit.

Arboryn was a creepy man, who apparently had a taste for younger women. It was obvious that he wanted to have a physical relationship with Aelin, but it wasn’t in a romantic way. He wanted to control her and thought of her as nothing but an object to be possessed. Arboryn was nothing but an abuser and I was glad when he died.

Lyssandra was another character that I liked. It was nice that Aelin had a female to talk to and not just men. Even though they didn’t like each other in the beginning; they were able to talk person to person and finally understand each other. I loved that fact the she was a shifter and when magic was finally brought back to Ardalan she kicked butt taking out the Vlag.

The whole thing with King of Ardalan was shocking, bit not that surprising. It made since that he was as much a victim as the others who were taken over by demons, but it didn’t excuse what he did.

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