12 Side Hustles You Can Start Right NOW!

Seems like everyone has a side hustle these days! Me included! I am a full time nurse. Was a Realtor at the same time a few years ago. Now I am a nurse/blogger/author/ mindset coach/business coach/ and whatever else you wan to fill in at this point! But I have so much fun with it!

I love being able to make money on the side that I can use freely. If anyone who knows me, knows I have a little of a wig obsession. I love wigs! And some of my side money goes on that, as well as my nails, and…..you get my drift. It’s nothing like extra cash!

You can turn just about anything into a profitable side hustle. These that you have never thought of! Let’s dig right on and get to it so you can start making this moolah

Some money opportunities online can be done effortlessly. Others you might have to put some work in. Dig in!

1. Blog

Whether you are selling your clothing on Poshmark, writing a book, or making baby bibs; having your own blog can drive in serious cash for you. Starting a blog is easy, but you do have to put the work in to keep it going. Blogging weekly, or sometimes two to three times a week, keeping your audience engaged, and coming up with great content is work; but it is so worthwhile. Using affiliate links in your blogs will put coins in your bank account! Or it will drive more sales to your craft.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

2. Amazon FBA Fulfillment Business

Amazon is making people MILLIONS! Selling your own products on Amazon puts your business out there in front of millions of people everyday. This is the kind of traffic people only dream about. I sell my merch on Amazon myself. It is so easy! You make your own designs to put on the shirts, and of course Amazon has the shirts. So, you do not have to worry about buying shirts or having shirts on hand. Amazon does everything for you! Even ship it out and mail to your customers. I sell my own shirts and it is so fun. Check out Gazillionaire Girl Gang on Amazon!

3. Ebook

Are you an expert on a topic? Have a great imagination? It is free to put your book on Amazon. You have the potential of making great passive income. I have four E-books and I’m working on my fifth right now! You can write a book that can make you money even years down the line.

4. Freelance or Ghostwriter

If writing just comes just so freely to you, being a freelancer or ghostwriter will be effortless for you! There a lot of blogs out there. Which means there is a lot of bloggers who want to be able to write blog post throughout the week, but they just can’t keep up. That is where you come in! Writing it for them! You also ghostwrite people’s book, too. The possibilities are endless.

5. Dropshipping

Stores like Shopify have different products that you can actually design and they will make the product and ship if for you! Making the website is easy, then you have T- shirts, coffee cups, etc that you can make designs for, and BOOM! You are in business. Shopify will fulfill and ship the product. Can’t get any easier than that!

6.Closet Organizer

If you enjoy being organized and cleaning out closets, this one is for you! Some people hate cleaning out their closets. And for an added bonus, you can add a charge to take what they don’t want to to the Goodwill!

7. Mail Delivery-Seasonal

During the busy season UPS, Amazon, FEDEX will hire workers because of the increase of deliveries.

8. Flip Furniture

If you are creative and love to make things look like new, you can buy furniture from second hand stores; refurbish, and sell!

9. Errand Business

Run errands as a side business! Trust me, if I could clone myself I would. It’s too many things to do. Just think of all the people in the world that is thinking the same thing! Run their errands for them!

10. Become A Tutor

If you have expertise in English, Math, writing papers, etc you can be a tutor. I have seen tutors who charge between $30 to $40 dollars an hour! I have seen tons of ads asking for tutors to teach people English. Check out Indeed!

11. Food Delivery Services

Uber Eats is racking it right now. There are so many restaurants that participate in this program; you will make some extra cash!

12. Become An Influencer

If you have thousands of followers, you can easily be an influencer. If you love putting your own outfits together and have a unique sense of style, fashion influencer sounds right for you. I have seen hair influencers on Instagram. Showing off hairstyles and promoting hair products. Unbelievable right?! TapInfluence is a network that connects influencers with brands.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

There is limitless amount of ways to make money these days!

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