The NEXT Civil Rights Movement

In my opinion racism in America is viewed as a white and a black issue. In my heart racism is oppression that affects the lives of every person of color on a daily basis.

Systemic racism has been bred into American society since the very earliest days of our history. Our true American history has been deleted or purposely forgotten but I’m not going to get into that today.

Growing up in South Georgia as a half Filipino child was very difficult. I dealt with racism daily. To not be white or black, feels like I was caught in the middle of a war, I had no side, I got it from all directions.

That was in the 90s.I can only imagine what my father and uncles went through in the 50s and 60s. my father talked about whites-only signs, schools, and how his generation was a part of that systemic racism. That racism is still alive and well today. The signs just aren’t posted.

My dad calls me all the time, with excitement. Talking about the next civil rights movement and how this is the time. I do agree with him. This is the time, the time that we need it the most.

I fail to see this as the time that it can happen though since we lack a strong leader. The sixties had Martin Luther king. We need another Martin Luther king. Someone to stand up. Point out injustice and do it the right way. None violent.

With the most recent news, the shootings, we need someone now to take up the reins A strong voice. Someone with a strong mind will and soul. Someone to guide us, lead us, and show us the way. We are at the presuppose of the cup overflowing into a full-on race war.

These are dangerous times. When you can’t even go to the grocery store because of fear of white supremacists. Violence is not the answer. By all means, protect yourself and your family. I’m saying don’t seek out violence, but if it finds you, be ready.

We need to make the “I had a dream” speech a reality. We need to reach out to our preachers’ leaders and the brightest of our communities and find someone with the qualities needed to lead us into the next civil rights movement. We had the first one and it got some good results, but we need the second one to start getting equality, and justice.

This is not a white or black thing. It’s a people thing. For all people.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King

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