She has always been a marketing genius. She teases tons of her fans known as barbz as well as the rest of the hip-hop listening community with stans Worldwide making tons of videos on TikTok. This one dude even broke down the marketing plan. Watch Below.

Minaj, who was born on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago and raised in the Southside Jamaica section of Queens New York, credits her fans, as usual for the feat. She stands up for female rappers but has also been called out by major outlets for letting her fans run rampant, especially against fellow female rappers who look the same as she does. Lil Kim would understand. Fans of Megan thee Stallion and Cardi B have come out against the barbz for starting rumors on social media which eventually makes it back to the main artist themselves on Twitter beefs. It’s sort of played out. If these women aren’t coming on the same track to battle rap it out, then it’s just negative energy. Minaj has been compared to Beyonce when it relates to the way they let their fans bully the fans of other music artist. These two women, however, have fought their way through public scrutiny and still find their way into a recording studio to churn out number one hits. We can’t be that mad about. MTV VMAs will be honoring Nicki Minaj during their broadcast, and she is set to perform an extended set. We know there will be a lot of pink, a lot of pussy, and a lot of pretty girls.

She has also been motivating current artists of today. Listen to her drop knowledge via Stationhead.

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