We at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give underground creators a platform and the recognition they deserve. So many artists spent August offering fans new treats, releasing some of the best work of their career, and opening up in their lyrics like never before. Throughout August, we got to talk to incredible artists like Paul Roessler, Havanna Winter, and Bella Kaye about their new projects, but there’s a whole world of talent making their own waves. Here are some of our favorite new releases from this month!

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – “Stars”

Love can be many things: it can be magical. It can be scary. It can hurt. Andrew McMahon explores all different facets of romance on “Stars,” a thoughtful pop-rock track that explores the aftermath of a fight through detailed imagery and clever metaphors that mirror the feelings present in the relationship. Andrew’s knack for songwriting and painting a complete picture of a situation through just a few images shines through in such a stunning way on this track, and it’s delightfully chaotic and serene at the same time. Follow the stars of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their website!

The song is really about how loving someone can be both beautiful and painful. How the hardships and joy visited upon the person you love become your own. When you really love someone, you love them baggage and all. ‘The stars that fell for you left holes in my roof.’ ‘They fell for you and I’m falling too.’ The genesis of this song is mapped out in the first verse. A night of drinking, a misunderstanding in a bar, and everything that follows. Some of my best love songs find me in the morning after an argument. When the dust settles and you realize you’re still in love with all the messiness… 

Andrew McMahon

Anna Duboc – “Running”

Are you “Running” to add Anna Duboc to all your playlists yet? If not, you need to be. We can’t believe this rising star is only 16 – she has a mastery of her craft and a firm view of who she is as an artist that’s wise beyond her years. She’s inspired by artists like Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo, which makes sense since her clear ear for clever lyrics and catchy melodies definitely stands out. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that “Running” was produced by Matias Mora, who’s worked with pop masterminds like Cyn and Katy Perry. We can’t wait to hear more from Anna, especially when she drops her debut EP soon – stay up to date with her on Instagram, TikTok, and her website!

The Aquadolls – “Beachy”

Take an escapist drive to Santa Monica with “Beachy,” The Aquadolls’ latest pop-rock anthem that feels as energizing as a cool breeze on a summer night. It’s an adventure in learning how to enjoy your own company and pick yourself up after “crying over men,” even throwing in some references to Britney Spears and Sunset Boulevard for good measure. If this song isn’t in a feel-good coming-of-age movie in the next few years, we might just have to start a petition to get it a film placement. In the meantime, check out The Aquadolls on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official site!

[This song] takes the listener on a trip to the California sunshine with reverb-y guitar and saccharine vocals. While alone at home, we are left with the thoughts of missing those we are far apart from, but realize that self-love is key to making it through these hard times.

Lead singer Melissa Brooks

Bentley Robles – “kim kardashian”

If Mercury retrogades affect you more than the average person, you’ll be able to bop to “kim kardashian” without hesitation. This 80s-influenced anthem by Bentley Robles references a famous Kardashian meme while describing how a partner made him feel – giving similar energy to having a breakdown in a club bathroom before drying your tears and getting back out on the dance floor. It’s the perfect upbeat track to help anyone who’s been feeling down to get out of the trenches and start living their lives again, no matter what pain their past has brought them. Keep up with Bentley Robles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and his official site!

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate icon with the most recognizable face on earth. One of her most famous faces is the ‘ugly crying’ one. As a Cancer sun/Taurus moon boy, I’ve always used her crying face(s) to react and relate to so many, if not every, situation in my life. The first iteration of the song came to me when reminiscing on a past relationship with a guy that I gave a second–and fourth–chance to, leaving me once again ‘ugly crying like Kim Kardashian.’ The minute that line came to me I couldn’t stop writing. It was one of those songs I started and finished in one session.

Bentley Robles

Boyfriend – “Just a Girl”

Who doesn’t love hearing a unique rendition of one of their favorite songs? Boyfriend offers a fresh, hyperpop spin on No Doubt’s anthem “Just a Girl” that plays on gender roles much like the original song, but with a modern twist. Much like other songs Boyfriend has released, it won’t just get you dancing, but it’ll also get you thinking. Neither Gwen Stefani nor Boyfriend are just girls – they’re visionaries who refuse to sacrifice their artistic vision, and that’s what makes them such icons. Boyfriend is gearing up to release her Sugar & Spice album on September 9th, so stay updated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official site!

Ever since I started doing music I’ve been told to release cover songs, (usually by some industry person convinced that’s what would make me a star, cue eye roll) but as a songwriter, I always wanted to put my words out into the world, not someone else’s. But ‘Just A Girl’ already perfectly says what I want to say, as it does pirouettes on the razor’s edge of satire where I, as a songwriter, love to balance and dance.


Bri Oglu – “Slowly”

Let’s hope Bri Oglu’s rise to the top happens quickly, because “Slowly” is too impressive of a song to ignore! Listening to her debut single feels like you’re walking through a tunnel to a whole new world, and since it’s about taking the dive and letting a friend know you’re falling for them, it checks out. Bri’s voice is simply mesmerizing and brings the story in her lyrics to life in such a stunning way. Get ahead of the curve and get to know her on Instagram and her website!


Forget what you thought you knew about FIDLAR, because these SoCal rockers are ready to reinvent themselves and take longtime listeners and new fans on a journey in the process! The trio’s comeback single “FSU,” their first release since 2019, is equal parts angsty and empowering, a battle cry for anyone who wants to “fuck shit up” and step into a new chapter of their life where they don’t care as much about what others think. FIDLAR manages to intertwine the past, present, and future of punk in such a refreshing package, and we know they have plenty more up their sleeves. Be sure to check the band out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

New FIDLAR is leaning into the extremes. Loud, louder, loud. Three chords and the truth. Catchy and obnoxious. Lyrics are very thought mouth. It’s speaking to the FIDIOTS of the world.


KULICK – “Goner” (feat. Kellin Quinn)

If Kellin Quinn is featured on a song, you already know it’s gonna be incredible. So when Kellin Quinn is featured on a song with TREMG favorite KULICK, the results are obviously mind-blowing. “Goner” is a self-reflective track that touches on everything from loneliness to falling in love, serving as an empowering anthem for the outsiders and outcasts of the world – and we “wouldn’t have it any other way.” This collab offers a full-circle moment for KULICK’s career and an amazing track you need on your playlists. Check out KULICK on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website, and chat with Kellin Quinn on Instagram and Twitter!

‘Goner’ is a song that I wrote in 2016 when I first started my solo music career. I really attached to the song when I went on tour with Sleeping with Sirens, and I wanted to see if Kellin Quinn would want to sing his own verse. I gave him a folder of songs to choose from, but this one resonated with him, so I knew it was meant to be. This is a song for the loners who just feel free out in the world, searching for something greater than themselves.


Lukas Graham – “Wish You Were Here” (feat. Khalid)

Lukas Graham and Khalid fondly look back on past friendships with “Wish You Were Here,” which also boasts a writing credit from hitmaker Ryan Tedder. It’s pensive but upbeat, letting the lyrics sink in with listeners without weighing too heavy or totally bringing the mood down. The song feels more like a celebration of where Lukas and Khalid have been, as well as of where they’re going in the future. And if they keep up their hot streak, they’ll be going even further than they already have. Learn more about Lukas Graham on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official site, and link up with Khalid on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and his website.

‘Wish You Were Here’ is an anthem to the best friends. We all know the feeling of standing on the edge or the top of the world and missing someone special. It’s always at big events and special occasions that I miss those unique people in my life that made me who I am today.

Lukas Graham

New Years Day – “Hurts Like Hell”

It may be August, but it’s time for New Years Day. These rockers have been on our radar for nearly a decade, and they manage to get even stronger with every song they release! They’re entering a new chapter of their career with “Hurts Like Hell,” an anthem for anyone who feels drawn to chaos and darkness, especially with how hectic the past few years have been. Ash Costello’s vocals are as fierce as ever and NYD keeps finding new ways to expand on their signature eerie rock sound to keep us on our toes. Stay up to date with the band ahead of their new album on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official site!

As I struggled to navigate how to continue to pursue my passion during the pandemic, I realized that chaos is where I thrive. I will stare down any obstacle, even if I look like a crazy person to subject myself to it. Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘We all know people who are so afraid of pain that they shut themselves up […] and shrink until life is a mere living death.’ Turning pain into progress and tragedy into triumph is a particularly satisfying victory. As the saying goes: ‘nothing worth having comes easy.’ That is what ‘Hurts Like Hell’ means to me. The song is an acceptance and celebration of my relationship with chaos.

Lead singer Ash Costello

Stalking Gia – “saddest happy girl”

Perfect for those times where you’re not quite happy, but not quite sad, Stalking Gia’s “saddest happy girl” sees the New York star continuing to grow and push boundaries even six years into her career. With a little nod to Carly Simon’s “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee” lyric and an interpolation of the “Clementine” nursery rhyme on the chorus, which beams with Lana Del Rey-esque strings, “saddest happy girl” feels familiar yet brand new, presenting a new breed of alt-pop that only Gia could deliver. You can stalk Gia on her socials – Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter – to keep up with her future releases!

[It’s] about having an existential crisis, basically. The pressure of having to succeed, find your life’s purpose, and find a partner in life while keeping up appearances can be daunting. Being the saddest happy girl just means that at the moment nothing particularly bad happened, but nothing incredibly amazing did either. It’s this middle ground of peace…relaxing smiling in the sun with an underlining shadow following you of all of the things you’re not.

Stalking Gia

TALK – “Run Away to Mars”

Okay, technically “Run Away to Mars” came out last year, but this August, it really started picking up speed and establishing TALK as a rising pop sensation you need to keep an eye (and ear) out for. Nicholas Durocher is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, but now he’s stepping onto the world stage and the online stage – “Run Away to Mars” is taking Spotify’s Viral 50 charts by storm, and its streams have gone up 1100% since July. With just one listen, you’ll see exactly why. It’s raw and vulnerable, brimming with the escapism we’ve all longed for since the pandemic began. If you need to get away from what’s dragging you down, TALK can help you do that in just a few minutes. Join along on his adventure by following him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

‘Run Away to Mars’ came to me when I was feeling really alone and isolated. Writing has always been a way for me to process and deal with my emotions, and for this song I pictured myself as far away as humanly possible. In my mind, that was Mars. I love movies about space and adventure, and I drew inspiration from those worlds to build my own – kind of like a kid making a cardboard rocket ship in his backyard. I just happen to be better at making songs than I am at arts and crafts. As the song started to grow in my head and on paper, it transformed into a love song for humanity. A way to feel, just for a moment, what it would be like to leave it all behind. A love song for Mother Earth.


Transviolet – “Love and Power”

Transviolet use their voices for good like never before on “Love and Power,” a kaleidoscopic track that explores the power imbalance in relationships with a big age gap, with lead singer Sarah McTaggart processing her experiences with grooming as a teenager and using them to help others who have gone through something similar. The results are simply chilling: a moody chorus pleas “it’s not about love, it’s about power” before an energetic guitar line kicks in, seemingly a sonic representation of a moment of clarity and reflection. “Love and Power” further establishes Transviolet as an industry-changing group, thanks to their talents, their strengths as a group, and the way they challenge the status quo to help others feel less alone. If you love them and their power as much as we do, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website!

Love and Power is about a toxic relationship with a skewed power dynamic. It’s a retelling of the ‘Girls Your Age’ story without the rose-colored glasses. Several years ago, I might have told you ‘Girls Your Age’ was a love story, but I wouldn’t call it that anymore. I was 16 and he was 24. I needed to retell this story in the most brutally honest way possible for my younger self. Because there’s still a part of her, of me, that thinks it’s her fault – that she asked for what happened, that she was seductive and precocious, and that this grown man couldn’t have resisted her. In reality, she was alone in the world, scared and manipulated by someone who knew exactly what he was doing.

Lead singer Sarah McTaggart

TWICE – “Talk That Talk”

Any K-Pop fan could tell you that TWICE are some of the scene’s reigning superstars, but they really took it to the next level with “Talk That Talk.” It’s a bubbly love song about just wanting to hear those three words from someone special, full of pining but still feeling fresh and airy. The music video is just as sweet at the song itself, sending the girls on a mission to get love from their fans, or ONCEs, with some futuristic tech, immersive sets, and amazing fashion, of course! If you love “Talk That Talk,” be sure to check out the rest of TWICE’s Between 1 & 2 mini-album and learn more about the group on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

The Warning – “CHOKE” (feat. grandson & Zero 9:36)

Three of the most impressive rising acts in rock and alternative on one song? Sign us right up! The Warning give their fan-favorite track “CHOKE” an exciting new approach with guest appearances by grandson and Zero 9:36, merging their signature hard rock sound with futuristic synths and an electronic drop that will captivate you. It’s such a unique spin on a song we already loved, and we hope the experimental sound and features can help The Warning get even more of the recognition they deserve. Connect with the rockers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their official site!

We’re so thrilled to have grandson and Zero 9:36 on ‘Choke.’ It’s a song that we love so much and hearing it in an entirely different way while still maintaining the same rocking energy is beyond exciting! And these guys…. What can we say? They are sooo amazing and such an inspiration!

The Warning

Which of these releases was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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