Up and Coming Brooklyn Performing Artist Tee Slaves Featured In Shoutout Atlanta | READ THE INTERVIEW HERE

Tee Slaves is gearing up for her fourth musical drop, Disconnected, featuring the lead single Get Money, out now.

Tee Slaves impresses a crowd at Don’t Tell Mamas NYC in June 2022 with her original song, Daring To Survive, 3 days after the SCOTUS removed protections for women, reducing them to a second class citizen.
Disconnected Tracklist Preview

Black Flower Intro
Get Money
What It Is
I Stand Up
Woah Feat Jam young
Meghan’s Mood feat Jasmine Denise
Enlightened Ones
Mission Time
Disconnected freestyle

Tee Slaves, a rapper from Brooklyn is gearing up to release her next musical drop. Disconnected is set to be released on all streaming platforms this Summer. On Disconnected, Tee delivers yet another piece of work to mark our current atmosphere. Everything seems to be broken. A lot of it doesn’t add up. It has Tee feeling a big disconnect, between her mind and her eyes, from her heart and her awareness. The project takes you on a lyrical ride around the United States politically designed system making frequent stops at places like income inequality, access to voting, and the attacks against women’s reproductive justice.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

On tracks like Get Money, she mocks the rudimentary get money mentality seen in young Black Americans on TikTok challenging her listeners to rethink financial powers: “What you need with all this money, we already paid the pipers, let it go. Own what you owe, dollar bills circulate to the crew and row, oh what a scandal, the World as we see it and the one that we know.” Tee explains how the Aunt Becky scandal gives insight into what rich people do to win leaving poorer minority groups out. On MYOB, she continues this trend, in a realization moment. The pandemic has indefinitely changed her life: “just mind ya business, the World done changed, forget about the bitchin, my mind my business, black wealth moving up, I lost my pot to piss in.” Her delivery and bar game as well as lyrical prowess is fresh on tracks like, I Stand Up and The Enlightened Ones. Disconnected additionally features two fellow Indie Artists, Jam Young on the track titled Whoa and Jasmine Denise on the track titled Meghan’s Energy.

She runs a talk show on Youtube, Tahyira’s Show, her latest series was about generational trauma

She was featured this year as a storyteller. Her story was about her abortion.

Find her on social media, @TAsterisk on Twitter, @TeeSlaves on Instagram and TikTok.

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