University of South Carolina blasted over ‘White Student Accountability’ meeting – was the title of a story shared on Fox Digital.

Gettysburg College, a private institution in Pennsylvania, is hosting a blatantly racist event this weekend. Students are encouraged to spend their Saturday evening painting and writing about their frustrations with “white cis men,” according to advertisements posted around campus.

One anonymous Gettysburg alumnus told Fox News Digital that he was “pretty upset” by the event and that “as a White, cis male, the fact that basically people are being allowed to discriminate based on sexuality and race is not something that was ever in the Gettysburg that was taught to me.” The white male history dates back to Slavery times.

As early as the late 1700’s slaves were brought to Gettysburg as slave labor.  In the course of time others would arrive as free men. It is not widely known that while much of the nation lay in the grip of slavery, approximately 280 African Americans living a mere ten miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line lived as free men and women in Gettysburg.  Theirs is a story that has been hidden and marginalized. When brought to light it will balance American History as we know it.  Many of the stories about Gettysburg’s African American community have never been told.  The stories have been misrepresented or appropriated. When these stories are shared we will compliment the telling of American History as it relates to Black Folk in Gettysburg before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg.

A current senior at Gettysburg College who spoke on anonymity over fear of punishment told Fox News Digital that they were “not surprised at all that a poster like this is spread through the college, considering there was a public drag show in the middle of campus three or four weeks prior to this.”

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