How To Start Your Meditation Journey

During this quarantine, I’ve been doing a lot to keep myself occupied and sane, but mostly I’ve been trying out many things to keep my mind and body balanced, and one of those things has been meditation. I will say that my meditation journey has come a long way, and I can see a change from the beginning of the pandemic to now. 

If you had told me that I would be doing meditations regularly now, I would have told you that you were insane, but since starting my meditations, I’ve noticed a massive change in myself since the beginning of the pandemic. Starting may seem slightly different from what you used to, but you will notice a change once you try it out, even for a week. 

Now you don’t have to hop into this process quickly; it can take some time to get used to and incorporate this practice into your everyday routine. Everyone’s journey may differ from others, but here’s what I did to start my meditation journey. 

Pick what meditation is right for you. 

You always want to pick which meditation is right for you, and this is where it gets people as it did with me. I always thought that meditation was just one thing where you sit down and meditate, but it doesn’t have to be that at all. My form of meditation is yoga, journaling, and of course, your typical zen mediation. 

It doesn’t have to be technical. If you make it too technical, you begin to worry about the correct way you should meditate. I knew I enjoyed journaling and yoga, so I incorporated those into my schedule, then I decided to try out your traditional meditation. It takes time and effort, and some research to figure out whats your niche is. Don’t rush it. Take your time so you can find something that you will be most comfortable in the end.

Set a schedule 

Set yourself a schedule. Once you do this, it will become like clockwork, and it won’t be challenging to start. Find a time that you aren’t busy out of your schedule or make time for yourself. That’s one thing that I learned during this pandemic is to make sure that you make time for yourself is a top priority. Morning, afternoon, or evening it doesn’t matter to find a good time for yourself and set that you be your meditation time for yourself. 

Take note of what you want to change and keep up with that note. 

What I did what made a list of what I wanted to change, just small goals and such, and see if anything would happen. I wrote down things like “positivity,” “eat better,” “workout,” “live” as things that I wanted to see changes around, and even though they are things that I’m still working on to this day. 

I can see improvement in all these areas, and I take note of that. I write it down in my journal and go back on the older days and see how much progress I have made. Being able to see that progress that I’ve made generates other types of happiness. It is just being able to note that change and seeing it happen are a whole other happiness level. 

My meditation journey taught me patience and has eased my mind with everything that’s going on in the world. Whether it may be meditation, yoga, jogging, anything that can ease your mind and relax your body, give it a try and see how your mental and physical health changes. Also, note other little things that you may have noticed that changed, like your attitude or even habits. 

Mental Health Matters

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