My Friend the Moon

I saw the moon tonight. He was sitting up in the sky lighting my way through the streets. I have always taken comfort in the moon as if he were my only friend.

Ever since I was a little girl he has watched over me. He has listened to my every word. I would sit at my window and tell him stories. I felt comfort in the pale light he shined on me.

He would listen to my stories of how in love I was with my boyfriends. He would inevitably listen to me while the tears streamed down my face because of the heartbreak that would follow.

The moon listened every time I swore my parents were wrong. While knowing deep down that they were right.

The moon would sit outside my window waiting for me.

Once I needed him on a cloudy night and he was resting behind a cloud. I asked him, if he cared about me why would he hide behind a cloud. I pleaded with him to come out.

I felt a gust of wind and saw as the cloud moved and my moon appeared to help me get through the night.

My obsession with the moon seems odd to some people. And the fact that he is one of my best friends is of course very strange.

However, if you see it as I do you may understand why.

The moon is never mad at you for reasons that he won’t explain. He never turns his back on you.

The moon always listens.

And whether or not you see him you know he’s there.

I take comfort in him, knowing that he would never tell my secrets.

The moon would never betray you.

The moon has always been my knight in shining armor.

Even now as I walk through this dark street the moon shines a light for me.

The one thing that I could trust to be a constant in my life was my friend the moon.

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