Former President Barak Obama manages to stay in the spotlight since he left the Presidency. He still wields an enormous amount of influence in the Democrat Party, and some say, over Joe Biden. So, what is the nature of this controversial figure? We’ll let the stars do the talking.

Obama during a political speech in Milwaukee.
Barak Obama.
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Rumors continue to fly concerning the Biden administration and who it is, exactly, that is actually in control. Among those rumors are the accusations that Barak Obama is still holding the reins. From the visible confusion of Joe Biden in public, to Obama’s overt snubbing of the President at state functions, there is something clearly wrong with the dynamic involved.

And, that’s where I’d like to start off– with Obama’s relationships. Sun opposite Ascendant shows a person who defines themselves by other people. Rarely do they decide something on their own. This is not to say that other people decide for them. But, they have a difficult time coming to an answer without bouncing it off of someone else. This placement also tends toward having ego-tripping enemies. The Sun is ego, sometimes good, sometimes bad. With it opposite the ascendant, you have to deal with this kind of person a lot. However, Obama’s Sun is just shy of the 7th house, residing in the 6th. This means that relationships of this kind are mostly geared toward business. And finally, the Sun is a benefic planet, so it generally brings positive partners in this position.

Then, there is the pile-up of planets in the 7th house. Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and the North Node (although they are not all conjunct). This implies a heavy focus on relationships, as mentioned before. But there is a decidedly different flavor to this combination than that of the Sun opposite ascendant.

Mars in the 7th house shows battles that are fought with close ties. As the 7th house is both partnership and open enemies, we can see how easily this translates to difficulties. But, this isn’t always a bad thing, as battles also result in winners. And Obama has a knack for winning. With partnerships being the flip-side, he’s always keen to make a deal with folks he disagrees with. This creates the very diplomatic definition of politics: enemies become friends, and friends become enemies.

Then there is Uranus in the 7th house. Here, the partnerships (and again, enemies) have a shocking effect. One day, someone he knows comes in and reveals great news he didn’t expect. Another day, someone that he thought was a friend suddenly reveals they are his enemy.

The North Node is also in Obama’s 7th house, and it is conjunct Uranus. The North Node is a mathematically calculated point, not a planet or star. However, it is treated as a planet because of its effects. It is associated with growth and change of the self, destiny, and proper life path. With the North Node conjunct Uranus, you have someone that move toward innovation in their personal growth.

Having these in the 7th house, relationships are at the forefront, again; something we definitely see because of this planetary pile up in the 7th. Obama tends to fear actual intimacy and is likely domineering toward his close relationships. And this is why it is so important to his karma.

And then there is Pluto in the 7th. Pluto is the seat of power and transformation in the chart. There is an intensity to relationships when Pluto resides in the 7th house. It creates a desire to change power structures, and makes for powerful enemies that will shape and change the native over their lifetime. There is an obsession with “the other” when Pluto is placed here. Over and over again, we see this emphasis for Obama.

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There is only one angular aspect to Obama’s Sun, and that is of the square to Neptune. This is often an esteem robbing connection, but generally endows the native with oodles of creativity. And as with anything else, self-esteem can be achieved with time and effort. It also tends toward certain illusions in one’s life, which is often a setup for disappointments. It also makes the person sensitive and caring.

Barak’s Moon is a particular point of interest. It is conjunct the IC, otherwise known as opposite the Midheaven. This makes for a very private person who hides their true emotions and also a strong preference to be in the home. There is a heavy connection to their past as well, often feeling defined by their family and ancestors.

His Moon is also square Pluto, and this is a potent aspect, making his emotions extremely intense, often tinged with jealousy. With the square from the 7th to the Moon on the IC, we see struggles from partners that put acute pressure on his home life and history. Politically, we see this in the form of the public’s questioning of his birth certificate and other parts of his past.

The Moon is also makes a double trine to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as well. Being born under the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is of special significance, as those who have it are usually meant for big things. Jupiter conjunct Saturn is known as the “great conjunction,” and only happens once every 20 years or so. With Barak’s Moon touching them, it makes this personal to him. On its own, Moon trine Saturn creates a maturity, but also possibly depression. And while Moon trine Jupiter is often a jovial nature, when it is together with Saturn it may dampen it’s effect, instead acting as an amplifier for Saturn.

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But Mars is also in a double trine to Jupiter and Saturn as well. Mars trine Saturn is a wonderful aspect, giving the person a beautiful staying power and endurance to all affairs in their life. There is often frustration that bubbles just beneath the surface, but it is dealt with much better than the conjunction or opposition, for example.

Mars trine Jupiter is yet another gorgeous aspect with which to be gifted. This imbibes its possessor with abundance, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook. The physical body is also normally in very good health. They are also natural risk-takers and are granted a certain luck in their endeavors.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to cover Venus square Mars. This is immediately someone who is very attractive to the opposite gender. Good looks, sex appeal, and an animal magnetism jump out with these folks. However, it also causes problems because the square is indicative of friction. Hence, that sexual tension often turns to very real tension rather than translating to the bedroom. However, it tends to award the native with good looks even into the later years, so it’s not such a bad deal.

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In truth, there is a lot I did not expect about Obama’s natal chart. The unrelenting attention on personal relationships was not something I saw coming. It definitely makes me think differently about how the man, himself, functions. Were it not too lengthly, I would have covered much more. But I am satisfied at the portrait I have painted and hope that readers discover a more intimate understanding of him.

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