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“Tenet” release put on hold indefinitely after two date changes

With theaters around the world still closed due to COVID-19, Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Tenet” has been pushed indefinitely to ensure a big release whenever theaters open. Originally slated for a release of July 17, “Tenet” would receive a date change after the announcement of theaters closing because of COVID-19. The release would then be…

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Oliver Stone’s a Scholar

By Brian Lancaster Oliver Stone was a guy who volunteered for Vietnam, flew to Mexico after the war with two ounces of Vietnamese weed, got arrested at the border, and later dosed his Republican father with LSD. Despite having no formal history education, Stone is an expert on shady American history. According to a new…

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Charles Manson and the CIA?

By Brian Lancaster Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is an alternate history dealing with the Manson family murders. In the movie, the infamous psycho hippie appears briefly only one time without a single line of dialogue, snooping around the Polanski residence on Cielo Drive in the hills, witnessed by Brad…

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