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What is God’s purpose for Sex?

I have often wonder, why is sexual relationship pleasurable! Is it because God wants to encourage us all to indulge in sexual intercourse? Probably, it is NO!
If it is a YES, it would not have been a sin to fornicate, nor would it have been a sin to commit adultery. Right?
The sexual union was planned by God in the beginning, to be between married couples. That has not changed.

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“Rialto” Movie Review

I had the pleasure of interviewing the director of “Rialto”, Peter Mackie Burns, after watching the film. Before I share his answers to questions and insights from our chat, I’ll share with you a bit about the movie and how its unexpected journey of responsibility resonates from start to finish. (Free of spoilers, of course).…

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Three Secrets-How To Be the Most Positive Person in the Room (Complaining dulls your intelligence)

“There Is No Negativity, Only Absence of Love…” We might as well face it. Everyone wants to be happy. Did you ever feel completely turned off by a person who whines about not wanting “any negativity” around him? Perhaps you didn’t stick around long enough to let him in on our little secret. You could…

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Disappointment and Regret

To be honest, it’s hard not to feel as though disappointment and regret are one-in the same. Beginning to write this, I’m still not entirely sure I know where I’m going with this piece. In the end it might only be filled with disappointment and regret, and still somehow I think that’s the point. Disappointment…

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Am I Settling?

When I was growing up I was never someone who envisioned how their life would turn out. Sure, I had plans, like for my career and where I might end up with it. But when it came to love, there was never a clear vision; everything sort of seemed foggy. I always wanted to be…

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