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Crescent Moon Village

This story does follow any sort of in depth narrative, I was just messing around with some ideas of imagery that I've had with my friends character, Massacade. I hope you enjoy! (Character Massacade belongs to GuardianAngelAli on instagram)

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Chocolate Cake

Hello again! This is a short story that I wrote for a competition. The promplt was to include a slice of chocolate cake in the story. Unfortanelty, I didn't win the competition, but I hope you readers can enjoy this piece!
(Art by MekarComics)

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Leave Us Alone!

This is my first post here on TREMG and I'm still trying to learn how to write on here. I'll mainly be posting short stories that I've written off of small ideas, or concepts I think about executing further. I hope those who read enjoy! Editor:MekarComics

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Why I Kill

People ask me why I take pleasure in killing men. What is it about the crime that makes my toes curl, my eyes darken? Why do I enjoy taking their power away, the one thing that makes them men? Why do I crave their blood, feast on their pain, thirst their screams and their heartless,…

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Who Am I?

Who am I? That’s a question that has remained in my mind for years. Every morning I wake up and perform the same routine, and a part of this is looking at my reflection. However, I can’t see myself. I raise my hand and try to wipe the dewy film-like substance that fogs the mirror,…

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How to Become a Writer

First, think of who you want to be. Who do you want to dedicate the next couple years of your life to as you mimic their lifestyle in hopes of becoming the next number one? You answer the question as it comes around to you, “What do you want to be when you are older?”…

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A Story for the Heartbroken

This is a story written for a broken heart. This is a story that will give you hope. *** This is a story for you who thinks you are not good enough. You who look in the mirror and see nothing but the words they call themselves. A blackened reflection of what was.  This is…

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Help Wanted

HELP WANTED: Night Shift Guard for Morgue  Location: Haven County Hospital We need someone who can accept this job ASAP! Our hospital is widely known for its prosthetic surgeries, but sometimes they do not always go to plan. Reports have been made that the morning shift stuff has been moved around in the morgue, so we…

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Too Late

He knew he must keep very still while he waited. The screams have long since stopped after the killing blow was delivered on the floor below him. He didn’t know how his mother met her demise, but he could still remember her pleading eyes as the figure planted their knees on top of her to…

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The Sadness

I sink downDown to the deepest depths of hellI allow myself to fallTo fall from withinIt’s a feelingWhen the sadness takes overYou can feel itIt starts in the pit of your stomachThe empty hole that wants to swallow you upIt starts as just a little knot of unpleasantnessMaybe you fight it at firstMaybe you give…

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I fake my way through lifeEvery day I wake and take the stageI put on the costume and don the accessoriesI play the part of a happy motherA fulfilled wifeA successful businesswomanEvery day I read the lines that life has written for meI am gratefulI am happyI am lovedI look at my husband and tell…

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The Beast

Can we see the end of this turmoil
The end of the suffering
Many days I watch and wait for the end of it
The blood that seeps onto the floor

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